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  1. I just looked at the kickstarter page again, and there's going to be about 50 epic items in game at least, based on the number of pledges that got that reward tier. how does that factor in to what kind of artifacts we're going to see?
  2. It'd be almost impossible to do with every quest, but with maybe 4-5? those quests would be EPIC.
  3. Gaining a stronghold in Saad and suddenly being addressed as Marquis de Saad instead of Frank the Fighter would, indeed, rock! DO. WANT. so much
  4. here's an Idea. you get a quest from the ruler of one of the BB cities, to investigate one of three villages that hasn't sent in taxes or something. obviously, you save them and the ruler has you help secure resources to build a fort to protect the village. and when it's done, he's so tickled at how you handled the situation that he lets you rule over the area. here's the real shocking concept: you don't want it. your house is already great, you don't need some stronghold, and all the stress of running a town. so why not have the option to sell it off to some noble for a nice sum of gold? nothing says "OPTIONAL!" like the ability to sell the damn thing.
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