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  1. I don't want to spam the board, but I unfortunately don't have time to go through all the threads and find the relevant ones, so here's the list of all the bugs I encountered so far. I'm running Windows 8.1, if it matters. - From the loading screen, going to the options menu and selecting the Game, Graphics or Sound tabs causes all the option tabs' names to become invisible. Switching between tabs caused the names to shortly flicker back on. - In Winfrith's Arms and Armory, one of the items comes up as *Missing string*. - The text of Flames of Devotion says it does +10000% Burn Damage on hit. - Not too sure about this one: After saving the game while paused and then loading, characters moved very slowly. Pausing and unpausing the game fixed the problem. - After returning to the main menu from the game, the cursor looks like the movement cursor. - When I started the game again and loaded one of my saved games, I noticed that the play time on all the saved games had been reset to 0 seconds. I'm not sure when this happened. - I opened the Crafting menu. After I closed it, the font of the letter "T" in most tabs became significantly larger. The same thing happened to the letter "B" after I pushed the statue in Dryford Crossing. - I broke the dragon egg trying to get it from the nest. I wasn't able to turn the quest in, but I didn't get a message saying that the quest had failed either. - In the ogre's section of the Spider Lair, there is a patch of ground that highlights as purple when my cursor passes over it, but I can't interact with it. - The Continue button on my loading screen loads my earliest save instead of my most recent one. - After I killed the ogre and returned to Rumbald with its head to finish the quest, there was no dialogue option to give Rumbald the head and the head doesn't show up in my inventory, including in the quest item inventory. I don't know when it disappeared. - The tattered note I picked up from the corpse on the ledge right outside the spider cave had also disappeared, although I still had the key I got from the corpse in my quest item inventory. - When I access the stash from the inn and pass my cursor over an item in the stash to see what it is, the pop-up appears behind the stash window, making it impossible to read. - At some point, all of my quests disappeared from my journal. It might be because I used the Continue option from the main menu to load an earlier save and then manually loaded a more recent save, but I can't be sure.
  2. The world is getting big enough as it is with the current stretch goals. I'd much rather have replayability and branching plots.
  3. I just wish that they hadn't cut Master Vash. And it would have been really cool if you could've talked with the dead Sith Lords. I guess there's always KotOR3.
  4. In a classless system like the Movies, Revan would win. Sure, the Exile is a huge vortex in the Force who killed three uber-powerful (again, classless system) Sith Lords, but don't forget one thing: Revan CREATED said huge vortex in the Force and the three uber-powerful Sith Lords. Therefore Revan > Exile.
  5. No, they're not on the list, which is pure bulls**t. Torment alone owns half those games.
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