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  1. One thing I'd like to see that I haven't seen mentioned yet is a difference in how different types of armour protects against different types of attacks. This can be found in various editions of (A)D&D's optional rules but also in other games. So for instance, chain mail may be particularly effective at stopping slashing attacks but susceptible to piercing and perhaps bludgeoning attacks while plate is good at stopping slashing attacks but less so at stopping piercing and bludgeoning attacks. Perhaps certain styles of armour are more flammable or conductive to electricity, etc. Beyond
  2. It's unclear to me why you shouldn't expect people to be able to read what the abilities they're choosing do and to live with that choice once chosen. Not many games give you take backs on any choice you make simply because you realize later it may not have been optimal or you were careless - and if you do so need that option, there is a feature called load saved game. Having stable skills and abilities is part of what makes a character that character instead of a specialist in whatever catches the player's fancy that instant. Beyond that, what is the rationale in a world for having a per
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