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  1. The decision was made to put it into the game. Removing it was a reaction to outside influence. Not their original decision...
  2. Very relevant. Should be read by everyone. http://time.com/3766915/trevor-noah-tweets-outrage/
  3. Actually, no, that's not true but it doesn't really matter as people censor things all the time (e.g. if you know your grandmother doesn't like swearing you might self-censor cursing while around her). It's still censorship. self-censor is a far different thing. don't confuse the two concepts. HA! Good Fun! But Obsidian can also choose not to self censor and whoever thinks the joke is in poor taste can choose to not play the game or patch it out themselves correct?
  4. Full time lurker inspired to post about this. I pray that Obsidian actually listens to the majority of their backers on this and don't change the content. It seems that there's a large group of people that are just looking for the next thing to be "outraged" about and I doubt they were planning on buying the game anyway.
  5. So I donated through paypal and was wondering if there was anway we could get an e-mail when there is an update or an announcement sort of like it does when you back something through kickstarter?
  6. I think the best comparison is the movie industry. Not every successful movie has to be a big budget blockbuster to succeed. In fact the movies that fit that description seem to be the most formulaic drivel that Hollywood pushes year in year out. It's also the same reason you see a bunch of sequels and remakes in both industries...because they're too afraid to take chances on new IPs. With Kickstarter devs can take chances on new IPs without the risk of losing money (its already paid for). Their reputations of course will still be held accountable of course. Some of the most arti
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