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  1. I posted about one hour ago in a different topic that also discuses the Stronghold and I think that I had some pretty interesting suggestions, though I won't copy paste the whole thing, so I'll just copy paste the "Post in a nutshell part that I wrote" Everything in a nutshell (I'd suppose): -Have your underlings to be able to finish quests that your own character could do by themselves (alows you to do some quest by yourself, while you have multiple squads or individuals of underlings to do other quests, that you could also have done by yourself) -Have your territory to be expandable
  2. Hello, I'd just like to point out some neat little (BIG) options I just came up with, that could deeply impact the way you play the game. (Unless anyone has already suggested it/them) -At the bottom of this post everything has been presented in a nutshell, as well as I could describe it- While you normally always do every quest yourself, It would be incredibly nice, if you'd be given the option of having your own soldier's complete those very same quest for you, this would provide us with a new way to experience the game and you are the Lord of your own Stronghold after all. The diffe
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