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  1. 1 hour ago, majestic said:

    Woke up last night from something new, a major cramp in my right teardrop muscle. Just like everyone else, I every now and then get a cramp in my calves, but those hurt a bit and go away after a bit of walking and some massage. Holy crap, that one lasted a while and caused immense pain. Still feels sore after almost a full day.

    Hope you are feeling better, @majestic !

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Amentep said:

    Clarence Williams III, appeared in a lot of things, but may be still identified highly with his early role as Linc from the seminal 60's show THE MOD SQUAD. 

    My mother loved this show. When I look back of photos of her in her teens, clearly she was channelling the fashion of the day!

  3. In the last week I have had to do two fresh W10 OS clean installs. The first was owing to what I thought was a very corrupt driver install that knackered too many subsystems. Then it turns out it was the integrated discreet video card on my Alienware M15. That doesn't happen everyday! Now a new mobo and OS install ... back to game!

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  4. 4 hours ago, Gromnir said:

    @Aarik D is kinda like Gromnir kryptonite. oh sure, we may have made a crack or two 'bout ska, (am not made o' stone dammit,) but aarik is just so adorably positive that any attempt to give him a hard time woulda' been analogous to kicking a puppy. as such am unable to interact with aarik normal.

    am glad aarik is back. we will wait. we will be patient. eventually aarik will slip up and mock the special olympics or suggest ketchup is a perfect acceptable condiment for hot dogs.  have been here for decades. we can wait for our moment.

    mostly kidding. mostly.


    HA! Good Fun!


    I believe that what Gromie means, in all of the text cited, is what a gift it is to welcome @Aarik D back ... 

    It is exciting to know that this rich Obsidian community does and continues to be enriched by such care and presence as people such as our trolls, Squad and Devs!

    Welcome home, Aarik: we missed you!

    The Big Green via the Roost ;) :dragon:

  5. 6 hours ago, Bartimaeus said:

    Liked that and Psych a lot, they were both on/came out around the same time on USA (the network). Ultimately, they are just silly detective shows of which there are about a billion of, but having good humor and non-totally contemptible characters and writing goes a long way, :).

    Thanks! I have not heard of Psych - I will look into that too, perhaps, after done with Monk.

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