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  1. A bit more inflammatory than I'd like, and I still have some swirling periphery concerns, but I'm going to reiterate largely this. And c'mon, if the word of backers is supposed to mean something, remember, Firedorn's a gold, I'm gold, this guy's bronze, let's put this one to bed. I know it's hard to see through the ambiguity, but this is actually a hell of a victory against outrage culture, what with Obsidian OFFICIALLY VETTING a straight jab at the people raising the original fraccus. Rub it in their faces, I say. We need to blunt such outrages going forward, it's better for literally everyone involved, devs, publishers, backers, gamers, etc.
  2. Sonuvabitch, you do exist. As previously stated, I offer you a hearty handshake. You're a bigger, more based man than I.
  3. You're either dishonest or ignorant. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/censorship a : the institution, system, or practice of censoring ... : a person who examines books, movies, letters, etc., and removes things that are considered to be offensive, immoral, harmful to society, etc. A person. Not a government, not a law, a PERSON. Did a person examine this game? Yes. Did they apply pressure, directly, to the developer of said game to remove something they felt was offensive, immoral, or harmful to society? Yes. This person is a censor. They performed censorship by pressuring the developer to remove it. About to go offensive (trigger warning); if I "pressure" someone into having sex, I'm not a rapist or immoral, right? After all, they could have said no, they could have resisted, so it's alright, right?
  4. An error that conveniently, out of all the memorials, deletes the one that a small but very loud number of people have been railing against because of percieved, phantom transphobia? Not impossible, but a long shot away from probable.
  5. Again, throwing my hat into the "keep it in" crowd. There are even trans game-backers (like @TechyFolks) who want it to stay. The limerick in question is open to interpretation and may or may not be offensive (see; Death of the Author), and with sex, slavery, drugs, religion, etc. all swirling around, why did one random person on Twitter decide that random joke rhyme #27 was a bridge to far? Because being offended now grants people power. Power over people who actually create great things. When that isn't enough, they lie; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CBSdd8qUUAAI6Of.png:large Note that in the "offensive" limerick, no trans person is murdered. Why is this person stating that this joke depicts such? How many people taking offense at this are in fact offended by something that doesn't even exist? Giving people the option to ignore backer content is fine, and I've heard tell of a mod currently being made that does such. I endorse this, even though this also blocks my own backer content. As for Obsidian, I suggest they apologize for the offense caused, but note that it is backer content and not the views and beliefs held by Obsidian staff. This will likely result in a demand for the backer's identity (if it isn't already known) and/or attempts to find offensive material in the main storyline, which will no doubt be found and crowed about. Obsidian; these are BULLIES. They are HARASSING and ATTACKING you online. They're everything the media has told you is wrong about online communities, hiding behind a veneer of "progressive" outrage so that they can move from minor scandal to scandal while feeling superior to people who dare to not kneel and kiss the ring. Hell, they're now trying to get a smear campaign going against John Bain (aka Total Biscuit) due to his eloquent defense of the limerick, trying to paint him as a transphobe because, well, insults suck. I'm just some schmuck, and I can stand up to these bullies. I pray that Obsidian, Sawyer, Avellone, et. al. can find as much strength as I have.
  6. Dang, really wish I'd seen this thread before I submitted mine, I had to be very, very general in some ways, and I said my character should use a magic implement which it turns out is, ehh, not the case for their class. Hopefully I can make some strategic edits after Feedback... Just for my 2 cents, I think everyone should think not just about themselves, but also in context, as a player, when designing their items and NPCs. Sure, it might be great to see everyone wielding your Smoking Brand of Icy Destruction Katana-Axe when they charge the Big Bad Evil Guy, but helping people get to that point is just as noble a deed and nearly as memorable. Case in point, who here played Fallout: New Vegas? Who's first character was a Stealth/Guns type? Now, which do you remember more fondly, the Anti-Materiel Rifle you used to clear the game with, or *Ratslayer*? Sure, it wasn't a great anti-Deathclaw weapon, but that gun (for the uninitiated, it was a low-tier Varmint Rifle with all the upgrades, scope, magazine, silencer, plus reduced weight) could easily carry you all the way to Vegas and back out again, letting you massacre low-level threats like ghouls, NCR patrols, etc. with utter impunity. I never, ever sold Ratslayer in any playthtough, it's the sort of weapon you retire on a wall mount before you ever think of parting with it. So that's my challenge to at least some of you. Mercy is a heck of a find, and everyone likes their Thermic Lance, but Ratslayer is epic without being epically powered. I think it's better to be wielded or worn for the entirety of the game's first half than to only be donned for the final couple of hours. EDIT - For self-spoilers.
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