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  1. I've seen that before. Did you also leave the Sky Dragon (Hylea's quest) and the dragons of the White March alone, though? I got called a dragonslayer too, even though I left the Sky Dragon alive and let the Adra Dragon take over Falenroed. However I did kill the Alpine Dragon. I'm just confused about how a pirate in the Deadfire knows about it, but I suppose it's possible. It's a little weird, but I assume if anyone kills a dragon it'll end up being big news somehow. Game-wise it's just a simple check I guess if you ever had killed one of the three (5? if you count the Mowrgh
  2. At this point it's probably best to wait for the hotfix that fixes the mess of save importing if it's extremely important to you, unfortunately it might not come until next week. I have to wait too
  3. Same issues here. Any options end up having to kill everyone an losing out on the reputation bonus :/
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