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  1. Well... I think I found something naughty. Yes I was crashing over temperature, soooo.. I disabled bios and software over temp settings and let her run. I use open hardware monitor for all my numbers. I compared my PoE numbers to Skyrim, modded with higher textures and frostfall so it has way more cpu/gpu demand than just vanilla skyrim. And here is what I found. I ran both in windowed mode 1400x900 so I could watch my hardware monitor in real time while playing. I ran skyrim for 30 minutes or so , running jumping, fighting, talking, transitioning, etc, all in 3rd person view which is more resource demanding than 1st person. Max CPu usage recorded - 96.9% Max Gpu usage recorded- 95.0% Max Ram used 3.1Gig Max core #1 Temperature - 76 degrees C Max core #2 Temperature - 71 Degrees C Max Gpu Core Temp - 52.5 Degrees C If I stood still immediately everything would start dropping, usage, temperatures, etc, as would be expected. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now... I fire up PoE for less than 3 minutes from the time my characters enter the world. I stand still just a few paces west of the spawn point in stormwell gorge by the big red flower bush.I kill the lions and stand still waiting. Core #1 has already hit 100% usage, core 2 is at 92.8% usage. My temperature at this point, literally seconds into the game is Core 1- 56C, core 2- 51C, this is up from my idle temp of 23C what I launched the game at. 1 minute later core 1 is at 79C core 2 is at 72C 1 minute later core 1 is at 101C core 2 at 79C less than 30 seconds later Core 1 is at 111.0C core 2 is at 81C A few seconds later the game crashed, not my system, and the game generated a crash report which I cannot find anywhere, however I did find screenshots which I never took ??? WTF right??? Max CPu usage recorded - 100% Max Gpu usage recorded- 66.0% Max Ram used 3.9Gig Max core #1 Temperature - 111.0C (that's almost 235 degrees F, 2/3 of the way to re-flowing the solder on the MotherBoard Max core #2 Temperature - 83C (note AMD says this cpu should not exceed 90C and core 2 did not but core 1 was well over it and system did not crash, only PoE crashed) Max Gpu Core Temp - 30C ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I ran this thing over and over from midnight until now 0830am. I was documenting a step by step but finally managed to get 3 PoE generated crash files for your reading pleasure. They look handy and convinced me I probably didn't need to consider my hardware faulty prior lighting up my core 1 over and over for eight hours straight CRASH.zip
  2. Well I have determined the reason for the power down, the Cpu is hitting 90C which is my manual setting for high temp shutdown... but... this thing runs under 65C after 10 hours of modded Skyrim so something seems odd. I know 6000+'s run hot, but this is an open tower which literally has a little 6K Btu A/C unit which blows 65F cool air into it every second that it is on, so in order for this to hit 90C is kind of implying that this game and that CPu don't play nice together. The 4000+ I had overclocked to 2.9-3.1 range and it never hit 65C running the v278 beta for hours and hours, this thing will overheat in that broken tower with the spiders in a matter of minutes, 3-4 minutes. Anyone else running dual core 6000+ x64 black edition athalons having temperature issues? I can put a quad core Phenom in I suppose, but it still does nothing to explain why this one is overheating on this game only, there is no way this is could be more cpu intensive than say..modded xcom enemy within, civ V with max opponents and max city states or SoSE maxed out with god knows how many hundred ships firing countless beam and projectile rounds while flying through 3D space, and I play most of these on maxed settings if not high to very high.with no thermal issues on the cpu or gpu at all..... and in between restarts I hit it with fresh thermal paste, so it is not that or a cooling issue, it is this particular version of this game only where this is happening and so far as I can tell right now it is only in the broken tower up around to the left where the spiders and spectres are, but I will try different areas now and if it is happening in general anywhere I will post as such
  3. Here's my spec's OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name ****************** System Manufacturer BIOSTAR Group System Model TF560 A2+ System Type x64-based PC Processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, 3100 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) NOTE: I was using a 4000+ overclocked to this speed in v278 but popped this in to eliminate overclocking instability as my issue BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 11/6/2007 SMBIOS Version 2.4 Windows Directory C:\Windows System Directory C:\Windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514" User Name *********************** Time Zone ******************** Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Total Physical Memory 8.00 GB Available Physical Memory 6.63 GB Total Virtual Memory 16.0 GB Available Virtual Memory 14.4 GB Page File Space 8.00 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys Name AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series ( I think its the 5870 or 5890 precisely which I forget) PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6899&SUBSYS_22901787&REV_00\4&13DF4B7E&0&0068 Adapter Type AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6899), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. compatible Adapter Description AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series Adapter RAM 1.00 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes) Installed Drivers aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx32,aticfx32,aticfx32,atiumd64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag,atidxx32,atidxx32,atiumdva,atiumd6a.cap,atitmm64.dll Driver Version 14.301.1001.0 INF File oem8.inf (ati2mtag_Evergreen section) Color Planes Not Available Color Table Entries 4294967296 Resolution 1920 x 1080 x 59 hertz Bits/Pixel 32 Memory Address 0xE0000000-0xEFFFFFFF Memory Address 0xFD9C0000-0xFD9DFFFF I/O Port 0x00009C00-0x00009CFF IRQ Channel IRQ 4294967290 I/O Port 0x000003B0-0x000003BB I/O Port 0x000003C0-0x000003DF Memory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFF Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\atikmpag.sys (, 562.50 KB (576,000 bytes), 9/15/2014 5:59 PM) Power supply is either 850 or 1kw forget which I am using on this sys but at either size power is not an issue. I had a crash that shut me off, just like that, I was playing and then the tower was off. when I rebooted I got NONE of the usual things, like if I was doing something the bios didn't like and on restart it would ask me to reset my clock speeds or whatever, or the windows did not shut down properly message, that was not an option either, it just hard restarted like normal(I physically had to push the power button) but once I got to my desktop I got a message my catalyst control center had crashed, I restarted it and it crashed again, I restarted it again and it stayed open and seems to be working fine now. I have no idea what caused it, I was in the first floor of the tower where the talking stone head and spiders are. I am just posting this as reference so if it happens again I can elaborate on details other than my hardware and software, or if anyone else has hard crashes like this they can post them here and compare specs. No crash file was saved I checked. the autosave file is attached, it may give clues or it may not. I know there were weird things happening before this, like BB fighter when looting would show BB priest's inventory rather than his own, and then BB priest and BB fighter were Ko'd by spiders but only BB fighter woke up, BB priest just lay there with what looked like part of a light/fire animation graphics stuck to her avatar. Also there were loot bags from above that I never bothered to look at stuck in the walls below, I could click them and the avatars would path to the wall but could not actually reach or open them. It was a few seconds after BB fighter woke up but BB priest didn't, I had the bright Idea I would path topside and maybe that would wake up BB priest, clicked the select all, clicked a destination in the entrance chamber and you may as well say that last click was for all practical purposes identical to me pulling the power plug out of the wall because that's when the system shut down autosave.zip
  4. Hey OTB, Shrink your window and look in the blue top panel of the window itself, it should read pillars of eternity.(which is the name of the window), in upper left corner. When you transition an area if you are getting the hangs, right after "pillars of eternity", in (parentheses) it will say "not responding". like this... Pillars of Eternity (not responding) The not responding will blink on for a few seconds, then off for a few seconds (indicating it has moved forward), then back on for a few seconds (indicating it is hung) then back off again and the new area will load. If it stays on not responding and doesn't move forward then essentially you have crashed and usually a crash report is generated in your save file. I have never been to the ogre cave, quite frankly from the instant you first start there are bugs. Like... start a new game and as soon as the characters spawn click the button on the hud that is supposed to select them all. then click a destination, notice they do nothing sometimes or sometimes they move. You could probably just take a dozen mouseclicks in precisely the same order, exit, restart and do those precise clicks again and write down the differences to find bugs in this version, hence I too am leaning toward the position some others have mentioned that the more you play this version the more corrupt it becomes not just reloading saves, but clean restarts.
  5. maybe someone wants to try this to see if it is hardware specific to my machine or the code... 1 launch a game in window mode 2 shrink your window so you can see the upper left corner where it says Pillars of Eternity 3 go to the inn and enter it 4 leave the inn and watch where it says pillars of eternity 5 see if it changes like this every time Pillars of Eternity Pillars of eternity (not responding) Pillars of eternity Pillars of eternity (not responding) then the outdoors room loads every indoors to outdoors transition does this without exception on my rig. NEVER a indoors to indoors (not responding) Very intermittently an outdoor to indoors transition does it but it is ALWAYS only ONCE and very sporadic as to where and when. The indoors to outdoors I could literally set a clock to.
  6. I can see different spells of similar nature stacking from the same caster,(multiple stamina replenishes etc..) or the same spell w/2 different casters, say two priests consecrate same ground stacks, but the same priest consecrating the same ground repeatedly, effectively negating stamina in combat completely seems to me like this is not what would be intended.
  7. uh.. I had read those links and my format is precisely that minus the step #1, step #2 preceding each line, figured that was just unnecessary key strokes... Reads line by line like a play by play. but if anyone responds that any info on how to cause or stop the inventory drops is still useful I will take the time to edit each post into a longer easier to understand version. Like I said above no need to waste time. And I did of course read the known issues hence I posted all this. known issue does not mean solved issue. Saying I saw the bug over and over makes it known, no need to keep saying I saw it. But I am listing step by step literally click by click of how it generates and how it can be manipulated. this is entirely different than posting over and over that I saw a pile of items here or there, or that I had a crossbow stuck between my legs. It has always been my understanding that kind of information can be useful in finding the bad code. However once the code at fault has been found then all that is left is to fix it. Hence my post at 2:58 because I have logged about 40hours in 3 days just chasing the bug around and documenting it. Cheers !!
  8. I just noticed my custom SetZoomRange settings remained through the uninstall download and reinstall process... How is that possible, and what other files remain, and how do I clear them to insure I can get a fresh new installation?
  9. From 11:30 this morning until about 30 min ago I have done nothing but restart the game in windowed mode various sizes, all difficulties and as many combinations of other settings and default characters races etc as I could. every single time first screen walk right to church, enter it, leave it, enter it and every single time without fault bb priest drops her shield in the floor. The only time ever I have seen no drops was that one window launch and the only thing remarkable about it was it was the first ever time I launched a window run of the game. so I uninstalled completely re-installed launched a first time ever window mode launch, walked right to church, entered, left, entered and there was bb priest shield. exactly what I would expect since it is still in her slot II. It is almost as if on that one launch the glitch that causes the drops had a glitch that wouldn't allow the drops. Does any of what I am posting have any use? Is someone already aware of the root cause and already writing a fix? If so please let me know, ever since I realized I could control the drops to some degree by not having shields in slot II or then not selling BB items and then the BB wizard madness, all I do is run around trying to make them happen then trying to figure how to not make it happen which is entirely pointless if the root of the issue has already been determined. Thanks
  10. launch game sign into steam fullscreen 1920x1080 make default character enter church leave church enter church !!!POW!!! there is BB priest shield in the middle of church floor!!!! enough said... exit game and restarting in windowed until I can generate an item drop
  11. and there is more..... this is identical for watermill in/out and inn in/out notice how I have opened no inventory screens or any other options in upstairs /downstairs/downstairs /upstairs transition does not generate a not responding and notice as well how so far no items have dropped leave inn open inventory menu close inventory menu enter inn leave inn enter inn still nothing has dropped go upstairs go downstairs nothing drops go upstairs tell her I was looking around ,no promises go downstairs still no drops leave inn enter inn Poe Poe (not responding) Poe inn loads no item drops leave inn open inventory put bb priest shield in inventory slot 1 close inventory enter inn leave inn enter inn still no item drops go upstairs go downstairs still no item drops leave inn enter inn PoE PoE (not responding) inn loads still nothing dropped leave inn enter armory leave armory PoE PoE (not responding) PoE PoE (not responding) village loads enter armory nothing dropped main char talks to merchant open trade click bb priest shield once into trade click trade sell shield close trade leave armory (2x not responding then village loads) enter armory (1x not responding) armory loads WTF the shield didn't drop open inventory click bb priest move morning star to inv slot 1 close inv main char opens trade sell bb priest mace close trade leave armory audio abruptly cuts out with a wierd sound 2x not responding village loads audio resumes enter armory 1x not responding armory loads !!!!! no item dropped!!! WTF is someone messing with my head..?? does windowed mode run different than fullscreen?? did ending task on all those steam webhelpers change something?? does ending process on steam and launching new on every game start change something?? leave armory 2x not responding village loads enter inn inn loads !!! nothing is dropped still!!! Exit game restart in fullscreen
  12. launch game windowed log into steam make character enter church (look upper left corner) Pillars of Eternity church loads leave church look upper left corner Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity (not responding) Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity (not responding) outdoors loads enter church (look upper left corner) Pillars of eternity church loads leave church look upper left corner) Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity (not responding) Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity (not responding) outdoors loads repeat as often as you like NOTE: even though all inventory is untouched equipped slot II does not generate item drops in church
  13. Launch game in windowed mode look in upper left hand corner of window see pillars of eternity (not responding) // maybe it responds and maybe not // open task manager see steam.exe +/- 30k k see steamwebhelper +/- 4k k see another steam webhelper +/- 30k k maybe see more steamwebhelpers end steam.exe with task manager (end process) end PoE same way if needed [edit] end any lingering steamwebhelpers with end process if they do not close with steam.exe launch PoE sign back into steam click play look upper left hand corner of window Pillars of Eternity (better look fast cause game will now open real fast) If you have a slow launch Black screen on launch with or without audio try this it may help you check for multiple steam webhelpers every so often just for good house keeping I have now started terminating steam via end process and re-logging on every new launch of the game
  14. This is a lot of step by step that demonstrates the different ways to manifest this and my thoughts along the way as this process evolved. The crash files are attached, the one time stamped the latest is the crash described with in the steps, the others were generated before I started writing every step down. Sadly I cannot find any correlation between this and the endless loot in containers like the lions dead adventurer Launch .exe make new char step party out of spawn area save game quit game exit game launch game load save open inventory WTF BB Wiz and BB Priest shields never created ( I had hours of unwritten repeats of lots of combinations until I saw this for the first time. Then I began what turned into 12 handwritten pages of step by step notes. The following is a condensed Version of the step by step... Enjoy) walk to inn enter inn leave inn enter inn leave inn enter inn (hmm nothing weird except game did not create the shields on the save load) leave inn save game exit game completely launch game load save enter inn (hmm BB Wiz rod sword and spell book are on floor next to bar) Fault clearly triggered exit game launch game make new character step party out of spawn area take crossbow from BB fighter and put in his inventory slot 1 save game exit game launch game load save (looks good) enter inn (hmm BB fighter has his crossbow stuck between his legs) leave inn enter inn (no drops only BB fighter's crossbow between his legs) open inventory put BB fighter crossbow in weapon 1 slot, put shield and hatchet in his inventory close inventory (now BB fighter has a crossbow in hand and one between his legs) leave inn enter inn (BB fighter is corrupt, he has a crossbow in hand, one between his legs and he has dropped another at the bar, as well as his axe and shield.) This game is corrupt Exit game launch game make new character step out of spawn area save game exit game launch game load save inventory WTF BB priest and wizard shields are not there enter inn leave inn so far so good enter inn WTF there is BB priest large shield on floor next to bar but it was never in her inventory after the save load this game is corrupt. restart delete all saved games exit launch game make new character step party out of spawn area save game exit game launch game load save inventory so far so good put all set II weapons in each characters inventory save game exit game launch game load save (WTF save 1, act1 54 seconds @ 7:35pm, save 2, act1 44 seconds @ 7:39pm, Is time running backwards??) load 7:39pm save WTF BB fighters crossbow is floating in the air just behind what would be number 6 slot in formation. This game is corrupt restart launch game make new character move party out of spawn area save game exit game launch game load save inventory WTF BB priest and wizard are missing their shields again enter inn leave inn enter inn leave inn enter inn so far so good save game exit game launch game load save (Hey the most recent save is on top now as opposed to on bottom. save outside and newest save is lowest save outside then inside and inside save is on top) Hmmm... save loads and now BB wizards spell book, rod and sword are on the floor by the bar and they are in his hands. leave inn enter inn Hmmm.. now bb spell book, rod and sword AND SHIELD are on floor by bar WTF his shield never loaded on save load This game is corrupt exit game launch game make new character Hmmm... just realized ..sometimes the default is a man human and sometimes a woman. step party out of spawn area inventory bb priest and wizard have their shields save game exit game launch game load save looks good NOTES to self 1- I know shields in slot II is a trigger 2- I know from previous undocumented loads that putting all items in stash makes them appear after load as a floating pile much like the stationary piles on the floor. 3- I know BB spawned shields don't always make it through a save 4- I know BB spawned weapons don't fare well in inventory after a save ... Take all shields and put them in main characters inventory save game exit game launch game load save so far so good, no floaters and no drops enter inn WTF all the shields in my main character's inventory are stuck between his feet and BB wizard dropped his rod book and sword by the bar. Not his shield though, that is at my main characters feet Hmm.. BB wizard is looking pretty suspicious now leave inn enter inn leave inn enter inn shields stay stuck to main character, bb wizards stuff stays at the bar. This game is corrupt exit game launch game make new char (default this time is human male) choose old Vialia, no spawn shield for main step out of spawn area inventory Wiz and priest have their shields Note to self... no way to drop or delete bb/spawn items, no place to put them except store, which I know is a trigger or stash which makes them float after a load... must kill bb wizard and leave all shields on his body..... .. give all shields to Wiz walk to lions have wiz walk up and draw out a lion cast consecrated ground wait a bit in slow motion cast consecrated ground bb wiz dies kill lion WTF BB wiz stands back up ....Forgot for all this saving I was set to normal mode quit game launch game set path of damned set the two boxes below it on make new default human from vailia walk to lions give all shields and all slot II weapons to Wiz give stiletto to wiz slow motion walk wiz to draw lion cast consecrate ground wait cast consecrate ground wiz dies and he is dead period kill lion leave all loot walk to inn enter inn so far so good no glitches leave inn enter inn leave inn enter inn so far so good no glitches go buy a shield from armory Dam nit.. can't afford one sell the BB spawn weapons and armor, I know it will make the stuff appear on floor in shop but what the heck. sell everything but BB fighter armor, main armor, main sword and rogue hatchet put new shield in main char slot II leave store so far so good enter inn so far so good, no drops at feet or at bar leave inn looks good enter inn looks good... main char slot II shield must be ok put shield in BB priest slot II put rogue hatchet in bb priest slot I leave inn looks good enter inn HMM... main char sword and bb priest hatchet are on floor by bar but not the shield Soo.. now I know... Selling BB weapons to stores is a trigger (for in store drops) and BB priest shield in slot II is a trigger for (equipped weapon drops by the bar at the inn) and ..possibly bb wizard has a permanent trigger, perhaps one of his slots or items or his avatar.... save game exit game launch game load save looks same, need different weapons to see it is a one time or every time drop leave inn no glitches enter tower shop no glitches leave tower shop no glitches put shield in bb fighters slot II put hatchet in BB fighter slot I enter tower no drop leave tower no drop enter tower no drop leave tower no drop ?? is it possible only the inn and armory transition from inside to outside triggers the shield in slot II drop of equipped weapons, as opposed to the slot itself being the trigger, since this transition does not trigger it? enter inn same as before a hatchet and sword NOTE the shield did not drop anywhere yet... leave inn enter armory see all bb weapons I sold on floor plus hatchet and sword but NOT SHIELD. soo... the items I sold dropped to floor because I sold them and the hatchet and sword dropped because I left from inside to outside with a shield in a slot II and weapons equipped. I also know that the main char is who triggered it here and bb priest triggered in the inn.. .. put shield in slot II of priest leave armory looks good outside, no drops outside and nothing stuck between my feet. BB wiz is looking bad about now enter tower shop, looks good no glitch leave shop looks good no glitch enter inn looks same only sword and hatchet at bar leave inn looks good no glitch time for a new weapon to drop.. walk to dead bb wiz loot bag near lions bb fighter picks up bb wiz rod walk to inn put rod in bb fighter slot I enter inn looks same leave inn no glitch enter inn looks same, hatchet and sword by bar Hmm... why didn't BB priest trigger BB fighter to drop rod?? is it possible every once in a while the trigger glitch has a glitch that makes the end result work properly?? give rod to bb priest put rod bb priest slot I leave inn, looks good enter inn.. THERE is THE ROD!! leave inn go loot BB wiz corpse for his spell book NOTE: Still no items have dropped at feet!!! WTF right?? bb fighter puts spell book in inventory walk back to inn enter inn looks same leave inn looks fine enter inn looks same NOTE... CANNOT get items to drop at feet or shield drops with no wizard avatar present. cannot get spell book to drop either. Note Load times have been getting worse and worse leave inn looks fine enter tower shop looks fine leave tower shop looks fine enter armory looks same with all weapons but no shield leave armory .. CRASH... game froze on black screen with loading had to close game through task manager launch game path of damned ironman expert screen goes solid black with birds chirping wait..wait..wtf it has been minutes.. blindly mouse click all over black screen char gen appears female human default old vailia .. no shield spawn WOW.. click done and game appears instantly.. literally inventory priest and wiz have their shields no save and load I know now this is not good remove spell book to wiz inv slot 1 remove cape to wiz inv slot 2 remove shield to wiz inv slot 3 remove sword to wiz inv slot 4 remove rod to wiz inv slot 5 remove armor to wiz inv slot 6 remove crossbow to fighter inv slot 1 remove hammer to priest inv slot 1 removed stiletto to rogue inv slot 1 moved spell book to main char inv slot 1 moved breastplate from wiz inv 6 to wiz inv slot 1 walked to inn entered inn nothing dropped at feet or at bar leave inn nothing dropped at feet or ground note.. naked wiz has white body and black head.. entered inn no items dropped at feet or at bar leave inn nothing drops move spell book from main char inv slot 1 to wiz inv slot 6 entered inn nothing dropped leave inn nothing dropped entered inn nothing dropped left inn nothing dropped moved wiz rod from inv to slot I entered inn nothing dropped left inn nothing dropped entered inn nothing dropped left inn nothing dropped put wiz rod back in inv and equipped his cape at neck entered inn no drops left inn no drops entered inn no drops left inn no drops put cape back in inventory and equipped spell book entered inn no drops left inn no drops entered inn no drops left inn no drops put spell book back in wiz inventory wiz is naked. .... had a feeling this next part would get hairy.. saved game exit game launch game load save Hmm.... bb wiz game avatar is naked still but holding his rod and spell book and his sword is at his side open inventory all items are in inventory where I left them wiz is naked, his inventory avatar is naked... close inventory wiz game avatar is holding his book rod and sword at waist. HMMMM... methinks this is the big one...lets see... enter inn POW!!! all inventory items at all avatars feet leave bar all items at feet enter bar all items at feet none at bar HMMM... open wiz inventory take cloak from inv and put at his neck slot inventory avatar does not update to show it double click cloak icon in neck slot, icon moves back into inventory, neck slot appears empty but wiz cloak appears on his avatar in inventory screen. look at all other avatars in inventory screen, they all have wiz cloak pinned behind them but not attached to any of them, not even wiz. now close inv screen position wiz avatar so with inv screen open he is visible in game world too open inventory screen take cloak from inv slot to neck slot normally w/ a one click drag and drop see game avatar cloak appear and disappear but not inventory avatar cloak close inv screen open inv screen drag and drop cloak into neck slot double click cloak icon see cloak appear on inventory avatar while disappearing on game avatar and icon moves back into inventory leave inn enter inn LOOK AT THAT!!! ALL EQUIPED ITEMS ARE NOW DROPPED ON FLOOR AT BAR!! SOO.... Until the code is fixed... to not have any item drops you must.... 1- Never equip a shield in slot II prior to a transition ( probably good measure no weapon too) 2-Never sell a BB item or weapon 3-Never load a saved game (just let this puppy run until you are ready to restart) 4-Never use Stash 5-Never touch BB wiz cloak unless you are feelin lucky and the first time you move it it comes off and stays off 6- Never bother playing a game that on opening scene bb priest and bb wiz shields are not visible, they are really there. 7- To be determined More Crashes.zip
  15. P.S. Don't just run over to the tower shop and sell all the BB stuff, it appears that may also cause it to happen. This was the second thing I did on a clean game restart, after walking in and out of the inn to verify.When I returned to the inn from the tower shop BB Wizards spell book and a few other items were on the floor in the inn at their usual spot. So I restarted again, put all the shields in slot I and rather than sell the BB stuff I don't use I put it in stash. Now I can finally go in and out of places without the item piles forming or the stuff getting stuck between my feet. To replicate, start a clean game, step party away from their initial start position (even just a few steps is fine), Strip them all to the stash chest (every item), then walk in and out of the inn. Do this as often as you can stand, the load screen should not lock up and nothing should appear on the floor. Take special note how BB wizard will still display his spell book and rod and sword,even when they are in stash, and how BB wizards cloak is hanging there in the background of all the characters inventory portraits even with it in stash. Then put a shield in either BB priest or BB wizards slot II, (bb rogue seems unaffected by this)walk into the inn then walk out, then walk back in. Now you should see BB wizards spellbook and rod and sword on the inn floor, even though they are in the stash. If you do this with any items in anyone's inventory, those items will appear between their feet, and if anyone is equipping weapons, armor etc will appear in their usual spots. there are drop spots like this where the stuff appears in the inn, tower shop and watermill, as well as the outdoors village map that I am certain of. But the only triggers I have found are listed above. When I get back from work work today I will see if not having the shields in slot II stops the reappearing loot that has been bugging me, like at the corpse with the lions, every time you leave and come back there was more loot
  16. Do NOT have a shield in weapon set II for BB priest or BB wizard, if there is a shield there when leaving buildings ALL party drops a bogus copy of all carried/equipped items at specific locations in Inn, stores, outside, etc.. is also responsible for the items stuck between your feet, those are the items that were in inventory. I am pretty sure even if you do not see the items between your feet they are there and likely keep getting more and more copies every transition. There may be other cases but after almost 15 hours of stripping everyone and walking in an out of the inn I have had enough.I have not had a item drop when the shields are not in set II. This bug will also cause bb wizards spellbook and rod to drop on the inn floor even if they are in the stash chest???The attachment has the game generated crash reports which were generated during the process Crashes on transition.zip
  17. SetZoomRange 0.5 3 WOW I can almost see the wrinkles on my avatar's forehead Wish I found this sooner!!! I think it really maxes at 2.5 because I don't think 3 made any difference but all the same !!!
  18. My final comments on this.. The Dwarf is clearly bugged, it does some crazy things, mainly attacking its own men or occasionally giving stamina back to my party, but its so hard to hit because its def value is always between 130 and 155, plus some of its other values are high for spell resistances. On the bright side it can't do damage worth a hoot so after everyone else is dead it makes the perfect test dummy for seeing how buffs and over time effects work, plus seeing all the rolls etc. Save a hold spell of some kind so when everyone is tired they can run back to the inn, rest up and hit it again
  19. I don't believe it is just barbarian frenzy that you are describing, if you play in slow motion with pause and track all your command clicks on paper I think you will find many commands you issue are lost dropped or ignored by scripted actions. Like whatever it is that makes everyone bum rush a target from time to time.
  20. Moving on to a new game after this post, the only way I could hurt the dwarf was with warding seal, doing on average 30dmg x 2 for the 2 BB priest can cast. a few other spells, the pillars and area of effect fireballs etc would work sometimes, best to cast them on your own party standing next to him for them to work though. The chanters reliving pain spell would add a few points of damage if timed correctly just before 2 back to back warding seals and fireball etc, but never enough to get him past injured. mabey with a main priest and a hired priest all casting warding seal, don't know how many Hp it has though. Note though everytime I rested another batch of loot would spawn for each of the ones I had already killed.
  21. And here is the save file after I rested inside inn and went back to where Merdith was, the dwarf was there and the loot. picked up loot, saved and reloaded. Notice the loot is there again and see all the loot already in my inventory. Next wil try to kil the dwarf again.935a88c9e8c84d80ac266a4903568b87 DyrfordVillage 7645941.zip
  22. Started new game this morning. Settings are max difficulty and the two selections below it on Walked around town and talked to people, Told the thief at the inn how to escape then hired a level 4 henchman and went to leave town to fight lions. Decided to talk to Merdith and lie as usual about the thief and get my quest points. When I did this apparently this was the first time my lie failed because there was only one response for me afterwards. Usually there is a response about the bedsheet rope out the window but the only choice this time was not that. When I clicked it which made Merdith initiate combat with me. My main was ko'd almost immediately by the pet pig. I killed the pig first thinking it would kill the cowled man as well, it did not. I put BB fighter alone on Merdith, the barbarian on the man and BB priest, BB rogue on the cowled dwarf then we fought in slowmo for a long LONG time, like 30 minutes or so real time. I kept mousing over and even though my guys were hitting them they always seemed barely injured so I started paying closer attention. The dwarf for some reason attacked the man in his own party for most of the fight until the man was dead. The man would HEAL himself, yes I said HEAL. He would go from injured to barely injured to uninjured right before my eyes, I only took the mouseover off him to watch Merdith until I killed Merdith. It took BBfighter BBrogue BBpriest a long time to kill Merdith they were doing damages like 0.9 for a crit it was real weird. Once merdith was killed I put everyone on the man. He eventually died with everyone attacking and my 3 frenzy barbarian uses. once he died it left only the dwarf and my main of course KO'd and the BB's and my henchman barbarian out of spells, just attacking. They got the dwarf to injured then they could no longer hit him. They missed every time. for a long long time. The graphics and sound would display hits but the output text would read misses. The dwarf would occasionally crit so after a good while everyone was running out of stamina so I changed tactics. I decided to try to run into town to see if the town guards would kill the dwarf for me. I chose everyone then left clicked repeatedly on the map just to the town side of the bridge so everyone would keep disengaging until they made it there. The dwarf Ko'd the barbarian with a crit during this process but once all the BB's were there I clicked on the door to the water mill which cause my barbarian and my main to return to consciousness with zero stamina.Inside the town the guards would not attack the dwarf so I tried to run to the NE exit thinking I could loose the dwarf and get away. I got everyone to the exit NE of town, battle stopped for just a few seconds because we had lost the dwarf in the fog of war but then he somehow initiated combat from the otherside of the bridge ,totally in the fog of war, with a dazed spell that texted it affected everyone but really didn't. It did however cause BB rogue to teleport right beside the dwarf instantly and caused everyone else to do their mindless bumrush. Sooo.. I set led the dwarf to the NE side of the bridge, engaged him with the barbarian,led everyone else to the inn, then activated the fast running barbarian ability which had reset the first time we broke combat, and ran the barbarian to the inn, my goal is to go into the inn and heal then try again. The instant the barbarian outran the dwarf to break combat I made this save file. The game is actually still running minimized paused while I write this, but the save file will pick up anyone right where I left off, You can see how no one can damage the dwarf etc etc. I will now continue my attempt to get into the inn, rest, then see if anything fixes itself.935a88c9e8c84d80ac266a4903568b87 DyrfordVillage 7643583.zip
  23. Really could use a system that takes the chargen heads and makes a portrait. Absolute first thing that stuck out to me was making my first char and realizing there was no portrait that even remotely resembled him. Reminded me of the 90's spending days to create and load custom portraits for BG. IMHO portraits are big immersion killers if they don't match and not everyone has the time or ability to make custom ones. Really could use a way to know characters have committed to an action and time to completion. I loaded this beta and ran the slider all the way right, checked the two difficulty boxes below it and that's that, will never play any other way, but an issue I have is battles, I only fight them in slow motion. I am constantly reissuing commands because there is no way to know if the original command initiated. My thoughts on this are simple. On mouse-over there is already a little text box pop-up with health and stamina in it. It would be real sweet it there was also a commitment ie moving attacking casting etc. and a X.XX second timer running a countdown to completion/execution like... 75/100 health 50/75 Stamina Casting Fireball 1.26 (this number is counting down to 0.00) // This timer would be pure gold for combat IMHO Really could use to NOT have the system automatically select the main character if the character I selected gets stunned or otherwise incapacitated between the time I clicked it and the time I clicked the order. Preferably if the character I selected gets stunned or otherwise I should just drop to no one selected. Sooooo many times my main charges head first into combat because I was issuing an order and the character I was issuing to was hit or spelled between the time I selected them and the time I clicked their action which currently automatically defaults the new command to the main character. Really wish there was a way to zoom in closer. Currently I have turned my resolution way down into the 1300's to get close enough to feel into it, but like that the faces are kind of pastel. With big heads and 1900's resolution the faces are awesome but everything else is so small in proportion that I finally settled on my current settings. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  24. Hadn't thought of this when I pledged but... this will NOT require ANY STEAM at all to play right? I simply will not be a party to that racket nor will I ever give any money to anyone who is...
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