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  1. Yeah, but there IS a dungeon, right? So the question isn't "Should we have one?" but "What should it be like?"
  2. There have been a number of good ideas here, but I feel like gglorious's, above, is the best one yet. It provides for some good (and appropriate!) thematic unity while still being open to tons of variety.
  3. Some great ideas here. I think the best two so far (in my humble and non-professional opinion) are Undermountain (how could I have forgotten?) and Moria. Keep the suggestions coming -- and remember, this thread is for inspirations, not straight-up suggestions.
  4. Yeah, I like this idea a lot. The concept of an urban stronghold is a cool one, and if it affected the city around you, that would be sweet.
  5. I've played a moderate number of CRPGs and PnP RPGs, and in all that time, only one dungeon complex has ever really stood out to me: Watcher's Keep. It was the megadungeon added to Baldur's Gate 2 with the Throne of Bhall expansion, and it was incredible: tough fights and good loot, sure, but even Diablo has that stuff. What made it awesome were the unique moments that the dungeon contained (the amazing Zork throwback, the hall of statues, the ghosts, the seal guardians, the laboratories, the guy in the cage, the machine of Lum the Mad, the sneaky priests that guarded it, and ... of course ... the Demogorgon). I've never experienced a dungeon like it. If the designers can capture the feel of Watcher's Keep -- a series of amazing RPG experiences (puzzles, characters, tactics, moral choices, mystery, treasure, danger), loosely connected -- I'll be delighted. How about you? Any amazing dungeons in your past that Endless Paths should be inspired by? Pen and paper are good, too! I'm not asking about mechanics so much as about feel.
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