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  1. I'd be interested to hear, what do all of you think? Not so much specific characterizations, but more, what are the abstract qualities that make you enjoy and remember a companion? (e.g. They made you laugh, they seemed like a real person, their quest was engrossing, etc.) Most important qualities in companion characters? Well instantly I think straight back to Baldurs Gate 2. The way the companions always had interesting banter. Whether it was between you and them, or them and another NPC/companion. It gave them so much life and I always found myself interested in what they had to say, on what we were doing or just their previous lives etc. The game wasn't always just about what I wanted and they didn't just trail around behind me doing whatever I told them and just fighting. They were just so engaging!! Love your different take on the undead too btw! Great way to spice them up a little!
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