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  1. With the upgraded quality of the visuals compared to BG and IWD would it be possible to show damage and quality of armor/weapons/etc... in the item portrait areas. For example, I have a well worn ring mail armor set. Would it be possible to dull the rings or show rust? Conversely, would it be possible to show a minor glow for enchantments, etc.. Just an idea...
  2. I place my vote for losing the current style portraits. With a system that allows for customization of character facial details should come the ability to show a snapshot of that in the portrait box. I don't care if the current portraits stay, just provide an option for the snapshot. Dwarf (Male) - Head should be shorter and wider. Looks to elongated in the customization screen. Elf (Male) - Very dark and sinister in appearance. Even after selecting a different "head".
  3. When changing the options window from Auto-Pause to Game, or any other tab, all labels vanish. All options still work from what I can tell so far so it does not affect the use of each tab.
  4. After having my main character die a horrible death during play, he was brought back to life after the battle. The bug is that he disappeared and all I was able to see was his weapon moving along with the party similar to animated armor. He did reappear later but I did not notice when this occurred. Camping did not change this effect. Another death did not change this effect. Battle did not change this effect. I believe it was just while exploring and it took about 5 mins for the avatar to reappear.
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