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  1. There are quite a lot of interesting ideas summed up so far. My favorite so far is the idea of having armor be upgradable. Using tiers for armor bases(leather tier - leather, new material leather, new material leather, etc) and then having customizations within those tiers that tie in with the crafting disciplines seems like a complicated enough system that it would make for some long lasting\interesting armors. I also like the idea of having to change base armor sets only a few in the game. Over the course of the story, I think you should likely have to change armors at like 20% completio
  2. A story in an RPG should play the same way as a great novel is read. After you beat the game you should be able to think back on all the great characters and experiences the characters were a part of. You shouldn't be able to just run through the basic plot points in your head in a few seconds. My two cents.
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