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  1. Same bug here. When I travel from "Valewood" to "Gilded Vale" the game is crashing on the load screen. Crash log on Google Drive
  2. Hmm... I'm sorry. I guess I did not put it correctly enough. IMHO, if a pioner family came into some region, highly populted with dangerous monsters, then atleast half of them must be able to protect the others. Otherwise they will perish after first large raid of hungry beast. However there are many RPG games, where a village of 5 NPC located in high-leveled aggressive mobs hunting grounds. Any way, I'm not telling, that Project Eternity will be the one, but trying to attract attention to this problem. Thanks!
  3. ´╗┐Hello! Thanks for great update! Here I will explain my opinion. I'll try to describe my thoughts in order. Skuldr I have a few questions about this monster. Skuldr has some sort of echolocation, which in fact detects "prana" (life force) of living beings. In my opinion this defines Skuldr as a predator and hunter. I.e. the beast by definition hunts on all living beings (otherwise why should he "see souls"?). And here I have a question - why he is so red and visible? I suggested that this is due to his living environment in a poorly lit location, rich on red and brown colores. It would be strange for a predator to not use a camouflage for its environment. The Ogre The Ogre is gorgeous! Filled with power! Looks like a wild proud hunter! And he does not seems to mindlessly aggressive, as ogres usually portrayed. I think that's right. The lack of technology does not necessarily entail the stupidity and aggression. A different view of the world and way of life - Yes, but not stupidity. Village And village art makes me feel a bit frustrating. I apologize in advance for my premature conclusions, but somehow, in RPG it is common to call the settlement of 5 houses and 7 NPC "the village". That is something that always upsets me. You feel lonely in such worlds. Of course, this can be explained by attacks of aggressive (and often hungry for human flesh) beings, wich create population decline in the region. But all the same, if this village contains of 5 NPC, how does it survives? Yes, probably before player`s arrival there were a lot of people, and just yesterday the trolls ate most of them. But not in all villages across the world at once! It's just not logical. However, on the other hand, on your concept, houses look as if they were built for several families each. And with this approach, I agree. Live among the monsters and guard against them is better in groups. I hope in the world of "Project Eternity" villages of 5 houses and 7 of the NPC will not exist. Even if it is 20 NPC in the same 5 houses - it will look much more vividly! Let them be silent, will be identical and will walk on the streets without reason. Perhaps there can be 2-3 "visitors" NPC. I.e., each time you visit the village this NPCs will not be the same ones, or just be away from the village for a time you came. It will create the feeling of the flow of visitors passing through the village, same as the player does himself. In my opinion, this will give more "life" to the villages. Anyway, thank you for your work! I hope Project Eternity will be a splendid RPG! Looking forward to further news!
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