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  1. Same bug here. When I travel from "Valewood" to "Gilded Vale" the game is crashing on the load screen. Crash log on Google Drive
  2. Hmm... I'm sorry. I guess I did not put it correctly enough. IMHO, if a pioner family came into some region, highly populted with dangerous monsters, then atleast half of them must be able to protect the others. Otherwise they will perish after first large raid of hungry beast. However there are many RPG games, where a village of 5 NPC located in high-leveled aggressive mobs hunting grounds. Any way, I'm not telling, that Project Eternity will be the one, but trying to attract attention to this problem. Thanks!
  3. ´╗┐Hello! Thanks for great update! Here I will explain my opinion. I'll try to describe my thoughts in order. Skuldr I have a few questions about this monster. Skuldr has some sort of echolocation, which in fact detects "prana" (life force) of living beings. In my opinion this defines Skuldr as a predator and hunter. I.e. the beast by definition hunts on all living beings (otherwise why should he "see souls"?). And here I have a question - why he is so red and visible? I suggested that this is due to his living environment in a poorly lit location, rich on red and brown colores. It would be
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