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  1. My DVD box arrived today instead of last week, so perhaps add a few days to the estimated delivery date if it hasn't arrived yet. I got my collectors box way earlier.
  2. I got an email approx 2 hours ago; The following item was included in this shipment: 1 x Pillars of Eternity Game Discs (POEGAMEDVD) No tracking available this time, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Mine has arrived too, looks great! Just ordered the prima guide too, for the hell of it
  4. My order status also still says "shipping soon", and according to the tracking code/site it has already arrived here in the Netherlands, so I'm guessing that might not mean much. If you haven't had an email (and checked your spam box/folder), perhaps it's a good idea to send an email to paradox/obsidian?
  5. Hmm, that took a while: 13/4/2015 17:55 Gatwick Depot Forwarded for processing 10/4/2015 17:53 WDM Online At least there's some progress, I was wondering about that.
  6. For my fellow Europeans; from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/1188370 (also in mail from kickstarter); "Shipping As some of you may have seen already, the game has started shipping out. When your shipment is sent, you should get an email sent to your email on record in the Backer Portal stating that it is in transit. People in the United States should be seeing their physical items coming in very soon - if they haven't gotten them already. Our shipments going out to Europeans should be landing in the U.K. early next week. At that point the shipments will start going out to folks. The best estimate that we have currently is that people will start seeing their shipments arrive around the middle of April. For those people who only have a standard physical copy of the game and no additional physical goods, the box will ship once the discs are finished being pressed. You shouldn't be hindered from playing the game as we have made sure that all physical copies of the game were also given a digital copy. You can go to your Products tab in the Backer Portal to redeem your key if you have not done so already. One last note, if you were late in confirming your pledge and placing your order your items will be sent in a later shipment. We appreciate your patience as we try to get your rewards to you as fast as we can." Bit more patience
  7. Their guides are usually around 400 pages or more. Those that I've seen at least, they've all been for RPGs. So I guess it's normal. Got my "name" somewhere in a hardcover "paper" release of a digital magazine of a different probably well-known kickstarter project, along with thousands of others. I don't think it (those names) will/need to take up that much space.
  8. Once again, I was late to the party when it came to respond in time to questions concerning this game (hi Rose!). Still, I'd like to express my appreciation for the way this is/was/is being handled, asking how and what's everyone's preference is
  9. You are quite right concerning what I was referring to , and thank you for those links! I suppose I didn't really say anything about myself yet, so.. I've been playing games since the old "king's/police/space" Quest games and Elite (I'm guessing that's the original space trader game) and just about anything after that. Then at some point in the more "recent" past I got somewhat annoyed with the "dumbing down" of newer RPG's (and perhaps other kinds of games), which I can only assume is being done to attract "the masses" to make as much money as possible or at least take as low a risk as possible (no offence meant to anyone who likes them, to each their own and such, but that's my opinion), and (because of that) happy because of the way Kickstarter projects (like PE) make it possible to create what the fans/customers want, instead of what is considered "save" and/or best for the shareholders. Hope that makes some sense
  10. For those looking for a way to pass the time until this one is done (and assuming one hasn't played it yet, but even then), I would recommend Planescape: Torment I'm reasonably sure one can buy it online (not sure if I'm allowed to say where so I'll just skip that part), and apparantly there's a way (documented at the same place) to advance it in such a way that it's a bit more appealing and such on modern PC's. I noticed that in one of the comments last night, unfortunately forgot who said it, but thank you whoever you are!
  11. Hi folks! Great to see there is such a huge amount of support for this type of old(er) school game!
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