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  1. It's not the number under your avatar that matters, anyway. It's the number of people who click on that green button on the bottom right of your posts. Quality over quantity. That way, people won't have to consult said number to know you're someone to keep track of around here... people will already be talking about you.
  2. It's my job to be... erm... ah... why are you all holding spoons? What??? RABBIT STEW?!?
  3. Hm. The members' list is still incomplete. Looks like it'll take a while for it to catch up.
  4. I don't think your fooling anyone He's not. Anything that fluffy and sugary is up to no good. ...says someone with "Rub my belly....you know you want to...give in to the temptation...and don't mind the resulting love scratches and bites." as signature scratches and bites! So... basically like every single cat I've ever lived with. Are hares up to no good, then?
  5. I would lay claim to "W. H., Hare of the Obsidian Order" Reward tier: $20 Adding on: the $20 expansion Total donation: $48
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