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  1. One of my treasured PnP module books during the brief open source D&D era covers the issues of catch-all Charisma score. Charisma should be broken into two stats, a Charisma attriburte to cover mental attractiveness - personality and charm; and a physical Appearance attribute. In this manner, attractiveness is not one dimensional. This also addresses, at least from a PnP standpoint, the issue of dressing attractively. Being eye candy (high Appearance) does not endow a person to be any more likable in a physical conversation (Charisma). This also opens up a cultural perspective
  2. Ok, you got me.... getting off the fence off the $20 early bird tier and going way up the ladder to help reach the $4m goal. I'll take **Sneezegrumbles** of the Obsidian Order. What's that you say? What does that mean? Really??? /throws arms up in air, **sneezegrumbles**, and walks away. Kids these days....
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