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  1. I got a mail four days ago from Paradox, saying they've shipped mine and gave me a tracking link (expecting it to become active in 1-2 days). Tracking link still can't find my parcel. So much for our glorious automatons! The package itself was expected to arrive from today up til two days from now. Let's see if that bit holds.
  2. Been struggling with the same issue since the first minute, in the stormy windy night it made some sense, but after that, even in daylight wilderness I really have to strain my eyes to make out details - and I have a color calibrated panel I'm looking at. Seems the combination of the palette and overboard fogging make this game hard on my sight.
  3. Reading this thread I'm somewhat surprised that I seem to be such an minority (at least among the vocal people) that I couldn't care less about more companions (eight close relationships seems more than I could handle even RL) but would be delighted with expansive wilderness settings. I guess that makes me more of an explorer than a socialite. Time to drink my own pee. (voted for second-round-monetizing, but will withhold judgement on chipping in til I see details)
  4. This "it" is the presentation of an unavoidable dilemma as I read your writing: either you get that dark themed class division (where money matters), or else you "run into inconsistencies." The first appears as a setting (chosen) the other as a worldbuilding flaw. I was trying to point out that this dualism was not necessarily the case. And even as DMs decide settings, they IMO should pay heed to the coherence of their world. I agree, and was not in any way supposing it SHOULD be introduced. I was merely stating that it COULD be a way out of the (in my eyes) false dichotomy.
  5. You seem to operate under the assumption, though, that it's a culture/society of "each man for himself". If you pardon the intrusion of Real Life, there are many systems of health care around the world where the common society (taxation) evens out the burden of the cost. I didn't see you mentioning having taken this into consideration, rather just having your temples supported by their customers. (Add air quotes when talking about real life patients;) Me, coming from a country with efficient public health care, COULD get preferred treatment at private clinics (I'm reasonably wealthy), but
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