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  1. Hmm, well nevermind about the Anslog's Compass track, I believe i just found it. Anyways, I'll keep an eye out for other areas that are "missing" (I swear I remember a few), but for now I will contend that I just didn't look hard enough
  2. Hey guys, I have a quick question regarding the soundtrack. Has anyone else heard music in game that is seemingly missing from the OST? I get that soundtracks don't include every sound from in game, but I find it strange that the track played for "Anslog's Compass" seems to be missing in the OST (as an example). I only ask because I love some of the tracks that are missing, and would love to have them in my library Anyways, thanks in advance for your knowledge and time. ~Valgor
  3. Dear Obsidian, I want to write something to you. I took a look today at the forums and was... disappointed to say the least. There happens to be some negativity going around, and while it (the negativity) will always happen I just wanted to write my thoughts on Pillars of Eternity. I am too young to have played Baldur's Gate when it first came out (just barely), but I have always loved a good RPG. With some Neverwinter Nights and a extremely solid love for Morrowind under my belt I ventured forth into the realm of isometric RPG's. My first long and true connection was for sure with Dragon Age Origins (does that count?), and the next was BG(1, I gave retro a try and was not let down, but then again I like most older games). Both of these were excellent and hit close to the perfect spot. Fast forward and Project Eternity was on KS. I immediately backed it (something I don't do). I wasn't able to give much but I gave what I could and then I walked away. I simply trusted in the hands that were on the dev team, and I didn't want to suffer from prolonged hype stress (). I kept tabs every once in awhile but nothing steady. Fast forward again to release. I was excited as ever but didn't quite know what to expect. I was afraid that my excitement would lead to over expectations. But... As I began to play Pillars of Eternity I was simply. amazed. The story sucked me in, the writing blew me away, and the characters were incredible! (and I consider myself a critic in each of these departments). Now this game is not without areas that could see improvement, but I have honestly never had my thought-to-be-high-expectations shattered like this. There are very few things I could say about this game in general (for me), because I just enjoy it so much. Furthermore, the game is very polished. Yeah sure there are a few bugs here and there and some things that aren't perfect (what game is?), but I can see the level of passion and determination that went into all aspects of this game, including polish. So where am I now? I am ecstatic to be able to play this game, and especially excited to have been a part of the KS campaign. I am grateful to you, Obsidian, for this amazing game, and I am sure that most of the community is too (93 on metacritic, 93% positive on steam, etc). So Obsidian, I want to say one thing, Thank You. Sincerely, ~ Lord Valgor
  4. Lol I am just going to wait a month and get the Enhanced Edition before I replay it And ya, I think that the party size cap is good, although any bigger and I might have some issues.
  5. Most definitely a Human Paladin, only because it sounds like Obsidian is going to make them right.
  6. Agreed. Like I said, Advantages and Disadvantages to both sides.
  7. Good to hear! I remember back in like Ultima IV it would start with you visiting a gypsie and choosing one character trait over another. I really hope that they integrate that mentality into the game, so that throughout the game you make those decisions, and thus it defines your character.
  8. Hello, forgive me if this is in the wrong section (and move as necessary please). I had a question (and possibly suggestion) for Obsidian regarding the Morals in Project Eternity. Now, many times I have heard that you wish to make the game to include things that are more mature than most games allow. This I have no problem with, and am actually excited for simply because I get the sense that it will ultimately give us more options as well as place a "strain" on the issue of morality. (eg should I kill this woman and take her belongings cause I really need the cash? or should I let her live for whatever reason?) First and foremost I would like to ask, Will Morality even be an issue in Project Eternity? Will there be scenarios that we and our parties are placed in, that require us to make (for some of us) tough moral choices? As I mentioned above, I get the sense that there will be, but I just wanted to make sure. With this question asked, I would like to bring up my main question and focus of this post. If there is an issue of Morality present (which I am assuming there will be), will the game have advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the moral scale. This may seem like a rather odd question, but I would like to point out a game that, in my opinion, has done very poorly in this category (and thus makes a perfect example). In TES V: Skyrim, we see the basics of morality present. Should I kill this guy or not? However, I find that when you look at the game closer, it lacks something vital to that experience. Have you ever noticed that there is a "Dark Brotherhood" guild that is all about assassinating people in heinous ways? (and you are saying "ya, so?") My point is that there is not opposite of that guild present in Skyrim. In almost all of my first playthroughs of RPG games, I prefer to be a lawful good character maybe even religious good, but in Skyrim I see no benefit to being this way. Joining and completing the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, yields you some of the best equipment in the game, whereas being good yields you just the regular stuff. In fact, I feel as though good characters aren't even recognized in the game. Now I understand that the whole "civil war and dark times" theme plays in on this, and maybe Bethesda wanted to place a "grey haze" over the morals in the game because of it, all of that I understand, but what I don't understand is that Oblivion was the same way too. Yes they released The Knights of the Nine DLC, but that really wasn't all that integrated. Anyways... My question again is, do you (Obsidian) plan on creating both advantages and disadvantages for both sides of the moral scale (good/evil)? If not I would like to make the suggestion, and if you already plan to do so, that is awesome! Thanks, -Valgor PS- comments from the community are more than welcome Tell me what you think of the idea, whether you agree or not, etc.
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