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  1. Just popping in to wish every other member of the OOoE a jolly hellp, and I've just gotten my Order Name. Have a happy. Kelly Costanza, Faceless Lord of the Obsidian Order
  2. Now see, I thought it may, but it's not really an Obsidian game, though some of the folks that worked on it are working at Obsidian now. I figured to post the thread here just to be on the safe side.
  3. So the Project Eternity Kickstarter has me on a nastalgia trip and I've utilized Bauldur's Gate Trilogy's aid to do it. And I am now a stone's throw away from picking up Edwin. Well, I suppose the rest of my post is for the Spoilers tag. It has to do with Edwin's personal quest. So my question is, is there a method to keep Edwin in that state or change him back into it through command lines? Or by setting his personal quest story to X value to stall it, and then setting it to Y to get it moving again?
  4. This is a mis-post. I swear, I was in Off-Topic when I clicked the button to make a new thread.
  5. Greetings all. I'm proud to proclaim myself as the Faceless Lord of the Obsidian Order. I envision myself as being a spymaster Cypher who uses his abilities to make people not register his face even when they are looking right at him, so that no one can recall what he looks like.
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