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  1. Dealspawn interviewd Josh Sawyer and the subject of romances came up. Dealspawn: One of the things that came out of the Kickstarter pitch: no romances in the game. Was that something that was decided very early on? Sawyer: We know that it takes a long time to write companions. Period. To write romances takes much, much longer. Romances are a very sensitive thing. It's hard enough to write good dialogue. Just two people talking like normal human beings is very hard. It's very, very difficult to write romantic interactions between people that come across as believable and that develop in a way that also feels real and believable that you feel as genuine and you can get into. So we looked at that and said "we're making eight companions, it's going to be a real challenge to write all their stuff, and on top of that having enough romance across those companions to feel like we're covering all the options that people would want". Like I want to romance this guy, I want to have same sex stuff, or I want to do this or I want to do that. I think it's worth taking seriously that people want to have the option of, like I want it with this guy... But then, we're looking at that and that's a huge amount of work. So we talked about it and none of us thought that we could do that logistically. It's too much work. It was less about our personal preferences... I mean, I'm not a super huge fan of romances but I think it would be fun to write them. I just think it would require a lot of time to do well. I don't like writing ****ty dialogue. That's what I don't like doing. And I know if we rushed it, it would come across as being half-assed.
  2. http://www.gameinfor...ayed-again.aspx Man, I've been itching to play this.
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