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  1. Excellent topic idea. I concur with all the preceding inquiries. Halt Obsidian Entertainment! Stand and Deliver.
  2. Music is good for atmosphere but ambience alone is better in my book. A good example of this is the Thief series, which is why I think it is one of the most atmospheric games ever created. The ambiance sounds were right on point. The main problem with Music is it can sometimes hurt the mood if it doesn't fit with whats going on in the game world, becomes too repetitive, or just doesn't sound good. And since its more about context, the experience generally varies more from person to person.
  3. CRPGs are my primary food source which right now is quite scarce. Had to ration out the NWN modules in order to survive this long. Very bitter taste, had to force it all the way down on some occassions. Think I vomited a lot of it on Fallout 3 which totally ruined the dish. Since I can only eat what is given, feed me. Seriously can't wait to see what Obsidian can cook up. To all those this my concern, I'm Hungry.
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