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  1. Few somewhat unrelated questions: 1) Gib effects and saving+loading both cause dead bodies to disappear. Does that mean their loot also vanishes? 2) When ability says something like "deals x damage / heals x endurance over y seconds" intelligence usually increases y. Is x then the total amount (as I would understand) or per tick amount (that would be more sensible, as intelligence would be useful instead of detrimental)? Based on the "weapon speed vs dr" thread here, I've understood that it is generally the latter although there seem to some exceptions. Or is the x the total amount, but intelligence increases it too when it increases duration, so damage / healing per second remains constant? I suppose this question could be simplified as "is intelligence good, neutral or bad for damage / healing over time effects". 3) What weapon you would recommend for my paladin? I originally intented to get Steadfast, but that's mainly because "soulbound" sounded like it might be intented to be one of the more awesome weapons. It does give immunity to frightened / terrified, but is that in practice more valuable than (for example) Draining, Guarding or Marking?
  2. I actually did watch that already and it prompted me to clear those temple ruins and otherwise gear up before trying again. Also thanks for the tip about not talking, but just shooting one of the guards (both here and in that video)! Not starting the fight surrounded made kiting them to the doorway significantly easier and then it was just slowly killing them one by one.
  3. White Worm does sound rather hilarious ability when used like that. =P This time Osrya was relatively easy for me: paladin held the doorway and ranger nuked Osrya and that skeleton mage. Wolf mostly just hanged around and offered moral support, since there wasn't really enough space for two melees. I'm also starting to really like the Wizard's Double potion...
  4. Well, I haven't actually yet killed him so that info is nice too. I sneaked into the dungeon and those undead gave me a crash course in Fighting in Doorways 101. I used robes in upper levels to avoid fights with guards there, but couldn't kill Raedric himself or Osrya (with few tries). I then decided to load earlier save (right from when I had initially entered the dungeon below) since I wasn't sure if Nedmar's comment about Raedric finding out I've freed Giacco were just fluff or if there really was some timer. I think my paladin was level 4 and ranger level 3 then. After loading, I went back to Gilded Vale and cleared the temple and completed the last to side quests I had (bear and getting the potion from midwife). My paladin didn't quite make it to the level 5, but at he got some shiny new items (flail and helmet from the temple, spellward amulet, rings of minor deflection and protection from "random" loot). Ranger is now level 4. Now I try again (picking Blunting Belt along the way) with less talking and more shooting from near the doorway.
  5. By the way, now that I've played a bit more and found at least Raedric's Hold to be quite hard, are there other quests and/or places that are similar to it (or Firkraag from BG2), I.E. accessible early on, but hard to clear (at least fully) right away? EDIT: Or rather, in addition to the Endless Paths, I suppose. =P
  6. Thank you for suggestions and comments! Here's the duo I started (have thus far rescued the cook and had a vision of a dead dwarf talking to me). I'd appreciate if you offered some insight whether these choices seem sensible and how to improve them. Or convince me to start again with different party instead. =P (Paladin + cipher was something I considered too and I might have undervalued ciphers just because they are not familiar class from IE games...) PALADIN (Human / The Living Lands / Explorer) - mostly because I just wanted to play human ## attributes ## (75 points total) MIG: 14 +1 the living lands, +1 human, +4 Maegfolc Skull CON: 13 DEX: 3 PER: 13 +3 Lilith's Shawl INT: 14 +3 Ryona's Breastplate RES: 18 +1 human, +4 Siegebreaker Gauntlets (+1 Steadfast) ## skills ## (90 points total) Stealth: 9 (45) +1 Lilith's Shawl Athletics: 2 (3) +2 paladin Lore: 8 (36) +1 paladin, +1 explorer Mechanics: 0 (0) Survival: 3 (6) +1 explorer ## abilities ## Flames of Devotion Zealous Endurance Lay on Hands Liberating Exhortation Inspiring Triumph Coordinated Attacks Sacred Immolation Sworn Enemy / Righteous Soul ## talents ## Weapon and Shield Style Deep Faith Superior Deflection Inspiring Liberation Bull's Will Scion of Flame Bear's Fortitude Snake's Reflexes ## items ## Weapon: Steadfast Shield: Outworn Buckler / Little Savior Head: Maegfolc Skull Neck: Lilith's Shawl Torso: Ryona's Breastplate Hands: Siegebreaker Gauntlets Rings: Ring of Deflection & Ring of Protection Belt: Blunting Belt Feet: Boots of Speed / Fenwalkers RANGER + wolf (Wood Elf / Deadfire Archipelago / Drifter) ## attributes ## (75 points total) MIG: 13 +3 Girdle of Maegfolc Might CON: 8 DEX: 18 +1 deadfire archipelago, +1 wood elf, +3 Ring of Thorns PER: 18 +1 wood elf, +2 Elryn's Jacket / Helmet of Darksee INT: 15 +3 White Crest's Helm RES: 3 ## skills ## (90 points total) Stealth: 7 (28) +1 ranger, +1 drifter Athletics: 3 (6) Lore: 4 (10) Mechanics: 9 (45) +1 drifter Survival: 1 (1) +2 ranger ## abilities ## Wounding Shot Predator's Sense Stalkers' Link Driving Flight Swift Aim -> Twinned Arrows Stunning Shots Defensive Bond Heal Companion ## talents ## Resilient Companion Vicious Companion Merciless Companion Weapon Focus Peasant Interrupting Blows Outlander's Frenzy Marksman Heart of the Storm ## items ## Weapon: Stormcaller Head: White Crest's Helm / Helmet of Darksee Neck: Stalker's Torc Torso: Elryn's Jacket / Angio's Gambeson Hands: Gauntlets of Swift Action Rings: Ring of Protection & Ring of Thorns Belt: Girdle of Maegfolc Might Feet: Glanfathan Stalking Boots
  7. Despite backing this game during Kickstarter, I haven't really played it yet. I tried the beta when it came out and did a quick Hard + Trials of Iron run after White March part 1 was released (ended up dying to some bandits soon after exiting the initial ruin). I have played Baldur's Gate 2 pretty extensively though. When playing BG2 I ended up preferring two member parties, since they felt less stressful to manage compared to full six while still retaining some of the possibilities for character synergy and being able to use more of the awesome unique items compared to solo. I’d like to play PoE like that too and, since I’m somewhat a powergamer in my heart, I’m asking for help in the forum and planning to set difficulty level to max (PotD) instead of just starting a game on normal and seeing how it goes. (Pretty much like the original poster here: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/4elk8w/optimal_powergaming_potd_party_in_30/ just not with full party of six, but only two characters.) I have tried googling around for possible classes and builds too, but the results that I found were generally for full party and in some cases for solo. So yeah, what sort of duo party would you recommend for Path of the Damned (main game and expansions)? My current plan is to have main character paladin tank (probably Darcozzi for accuracy buff and sarcastic conversation choices) and custom ranger with Stormcaller. Is that a good combination or would something else be significantly better? And what sort of stats, skills, abilities, talents and items I should be looking for? I’d like to play as good, or at least as not-evil, so preferably only items that do not require slaughtering innocents or stealing from homeless orphans. (Unless those items are, like, really good compared to the alternatives…) EDIT: I plan to take each (or at least most, depending how I end up liking them based on first impressions) of the officiel companions temporarily along as a "third wheel" and do their side missions.
  8. The ...\Pillars of Eternity\Docs\ folder contains only the manual. I have the collector's book and strategy guide in their own ...\Pillars of Eternity\CollectorsBook\ and ...\Pillars of Eternity\StrategyGuide\ folders.
  9. I am missing my green K despite completing pledge management process months ago.
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