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  1. Ok, so here's a couple more ideas: A lesser, warrior-like god that has abandoned godhood and lives as a hermit, but not because the god "hated" his/her godhood. The reason for living in isolation is because the technical (and magical) advancement of mortals has lead to point where mortals have simply outmatched the said god's capabilities (better weapons and armours, more devastating spells). A god that simply hates his/her godhood and, being unable to die, sleeps and waits for some sort of end of the world (while not necessarily trying to destroy it him/herself).
  2. I, in general, would like to see the downsides of being god (as in living forever, people being dependent of you). As for examples, how about a forgotten god, that is, for one reason or another, left out of the pantheon and is worshipped by no one? This said god would then try to find a way to make people know and worship him/her. Perhaps s/he can't directly approach humans (other gods wouldn't like it if someone tries to "steal" their worshippers) and disguises him/herself as a mortal prophet (quest, maybe)? Or a childish god who uses his/her powers only to pull mischievous pranks on mortals. S/he wouldn't nesessarely be evil though, just enjoys a good laugh.
  3. Atheism! Are there still people out there who genuinely believe that all gods are just one big hoax (Does evolution exist as a theory?) by religious leaders in order to tighten their hold of the ordinary people? Or does the word mean someone who openly opposes and hates deities? Are the groups of people who devote their lives to seek means to kill gods? Can you be one of them?
  4. Okay, so I posted on the last thread that I wanted to be courier, but it is apparently taken. So since the list hasn't been updated yet I'd like to be called as... Zaigo, Archivist of Obsidian Order.
  5. Hey, I Just made an 50 + 8 $ donation for the Project eternity via PayPal, and i'd like to have my title in the Order. Call me Zaigo, Courier of Obsidian Order. (If the name is already in use, please tell me and I choose another one.)
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