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  1. See, I'm kind of the opposite on that. Iselmyr is what she is. She's chaotic neutral, and she wants to get Aloth laid because he's lonely and repressed and desperately wants friends. I gave Aloth the choice in PoE and he chose not to suppress her, and he does seem to enjoy her company and get along with her pretty well otherwise. But Eder should know better. If he was attracted to Aloth too (and Aloth was enthusiastically into this arrangement) then it would be fine. But encouraging Iselmyr instead of shutting that down immediately shows that he just doesn't really think about Aloth's feelings very much - which he demonstrated in my least favourite banter in the original game (the one where he basically forgot Aloth existed and invited Iselmyr out for a drink). That is not ok on so many levels, but especially when Aloth really needs friends he can trust.
  2. Same. On both. I was pretty vocally salty during development when it became obvious that Obsidian wan't going to tell us who the romances were (and I still do prefer to know ahead of time so I can come to terms with it) but I can see the other side as well. It wouldn't have been much fun to say, "Eder isn't a romance" and then get questions like these for months before the release of the game. Plus revealing exactly why would have meant revealing more plot than Obsidian was probably comfortable with. But wow, given what goes down with him, Aloth, and Iselmyr I'm not quite sure I'd want to romance Eder anymore. At best it's a really hurtful lack of consideration for another person. Eder's kind of a dumbass but I expected better of him.
  3. Yes, he does. It's pretty short though. Most of them are just a line or two, and relatively vague and open ended. Xoti's are the most detailed. I like vague and open-ended better than super detailed anyways. Gives you more room to imagine what happens. I just hope there's a version of the ending that allows him and the watcher to stick together after the story.
  4. It's great right up until the ending slide, at which point Aloth goes one way, the Watcher goes another, and it's not clear if they'll ever see each other again, which I found anticlimactic and disappointing. Maybe that's a bug? It sounds strange to have romanced a companion and then the ending slides break you up. :/
  5. There was datamined stuff on the fan discord where he said in dialogue that he specifically wasn't attracted to Orlans.
  6. It's great right up until the ending slide, at which point Aloth goes one way, the Watcher goes another, and it's not clear if they'll ever see each other again, which I found anticlimactic and disappointing. Well, that's a bummer. Thank you for clarifying. Is he, though? Do they actually end up together, or is it just speculation of the outraged fans? So far I only saw Xoti awkwardly hit on him, and he was kinda meh on the idea. I'm pretty sure his interest in Xoti seems based on whether he's pro or anti Eothas. My Eder is pro-eothas and Xoti is still too much for him. I doubt it actually goes anywhere. I've seen no evidence that her feelings are reciprocated, which is backed up by what others have told me.
  7. Sometimes you're just not their type and that's okay. Sorry, but that argument doesn't fly in a game where your watcher can literally have any personality. This is secondhand knowledge because I haven't gotten there myself yet, but a friend of mine said that when he turned down their watcher he said that he just wasn't in the right frame of mind to be thinking about romance at all. Which seems pretty reasonable given all the terrible things happening regarding Eothas.
  8. Hey Caleb! My save imports fine (aside from the known bug with Eder), but this is a different issue. When I select the Ixamitl Plains background it will not allow me to choose the hunter background afterwards, even though I was able to in Pillars of Eternity 1.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug or an oversight, but I seem to be unable to select the background my watcher had in pillars 1. In the first game I chose to be a hunter from the Ixamitl plains, but this seems to be unavailable now.
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