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  1. New link to IRC http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ObsidianOrderofEternity
  2. As I said, I restricted the access again as there are still some things which needs to be done, before the grand opening. You can still join the IRC though
  3. I'll restrict the access to the site for now, atleast until it feels more polished and the forum is added.
  4. The site has gotten another update. Menu has been replaced, and the "about us" tab has been finished :D The wiki tab now points to the PE wiki, and the Obsidian tab to the PE page on obsidian.net. The chat works too. The article system will be the last to be implemented as my friend doesn't have the time to finish it until next week, but in the mean time I'll set up a forum and see if I am able to skin it properly The new link to the site is : www.obsidianorderofeternity.net !!!
  5. Could anyone send me the poem located here http://northharbour.wix.com/obsidian-order-of-eternity? I find it a fitting "about us" text
  6. This is the current progress of the new OOoE site: http://mercenariesofasgaard.com/pe/ . I've got the domain www.obsidianorderofeternity.net for it, free hosting on a semi-dedicated server with a high speed internet connection. The menu will be worked on by a friend of mine, as the current one was made in 5 min or so, LordCrash will work on the logo, and another friend of mine will add an article system, forum and what not.
  7. Wonder how many members the order has got now. New members keeps flowing in by the second!
  8. Hello guys, I thought I should support PE just a little bit more so I upped my pledge to $288. I wish my title to be "Lord Protector of the Obsidian Order" (I am Fenrir on KS). I have a question though; Is it possible to change the screen name on this forum?
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