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  1. Hello Josh, I have been looking at the bush and tree animations and I have to admit that they did not feel too natural. After looking at it a bit I identified at least one property that can be improved. I noticed that the velocities with which they move are CONSTANT and as a consequence when they change direction, the velocity changes discontinuously. This is probably why some people use the term "jerky" to describe these animations. What is apparently missing is ACCELERATION. Flexible systems like trees and plants whose motion is excited by wind should show a smooth motion without dis
  2. I voted the fourth option "format doesn't matter to me, just enjoy it". Playing Arcanum should be an enjoyable experience and not feel like a chore so I would prefer him to just play the game at his own leisure and then to provide a summary (either written or video) of his thoughts once finished. It would be interesting to see a video of both Chris Avellone and Tim Cain having an in-depth discussion about the game.
  3. Justin, Do you think it would be a interesting idea if the composer were to compose a suite based on the in-game music in the same vein as Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky? I think that that would be a great addon to the game soundtrack.
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