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  1. Definitely what I want to see achievements as. I want the broken axe of my foe over my door to remind me how I did that. Or perhaps painting of a person dear to me on the wall etc. Basically stuff which makes stronghold living thing, showing where you have been what you have done... Just like we do with our homes. If we win some kind of competition, do we not display trophy in our house? Do we not put pictures of family to show? Well, broken axes and dented helmets of slain foes are less common, but generally such stuff has traditionally been displayed as well (such as capturing a
  2. Let's see, we know how long the arrows are (one being drawn in very clear detail by Lurtz, we know how little we see poking from Boromir's chest after being hit. And we know where those arrows hit. Human chest does not have massive excess of space there to take arrows, your lungs make massive target which puts wind out of you extremely fast. He is not just "swinging", he is actually killing opponents who are NOT handicapped by having arrows poke through their vital parts. Ever heard of proving negative being impossible? Onus is on one making the positive claim, thus you. Your
  3. You clearly see how long those arrows are, we see one being drawn in fact. Their lenght is more than sufficient to have penetrated very deeply.
  4. Multiple chest hits which clearly penetrate all the way to chest cavity, possibly to lungs... Normal person is busy choking to death in their own blood after one or two. Boromir took what... Half a dozen? Do YOU have any evidence that your view is supported by more than your own persona? My authority comes from looking at existing RPG-games on the market which are successful and actually sell. Your view is more along lines of niche indie games, which tend to never be financially profitable. I want to see more than one PE, but if sales tank then there won't be more than one.
  5. Problem with many economy systems is implementing it into single player game where all the nuances and so forth have to be designed as code and then written by some poor sobs. Just like idea of profession = income. Ok, character has profession X. Now how that works with the story is the question... Designing the game so that blacksmith can play it from beginning to end while using blacksmithing as his main source of income would be... Challenging. Unless you design game around that concept, but then you have problem that other professions would have to be involved. It gets very, very compl
  6. Oh, and troll slaying in Moria... Yeah, that was definitely stuff everyone in Middle Earth would do easily. Or final stand of Boromir, getting so much arrows shot into him that he could pass for porcupine. Average consumer. Your view on what game should be like is closer to some kind of niche art movie, while I prefer considerably more entertaining style. Like it or not, money runs the world. While games which cater more to your desired style (based on what you have expressed to desire) have been there, but their economical success has repeatedly fallen flat. Like I said
  7. No, but I do like to have a more rounded character that has skills that make sense for him and the world. And you are assumign your "game of desire" would be sheer brilliance? Except they don't. That is only your own limited perception. Your character is skilled at the begining and he does become more powerfull - but the power is mostly shown/implemented in a different way. Not HP or damage buffs or high stat increases. But feats, options, skills and increases are small and rare. Because swords and arrows stop being a problem when you're a high level because....
  8. I'm talkign about PERSONAL power. Take LOTR movies as an example. Think Aragorn. Norman human being with normal human physical limiations. No lifting 10 tons or swinging super-sized swords. No punching dragons. For other types of power - like political power - that's something that would be interesting to see. RPG's and fantasy games are often so fixated on personal power and bigger NUMBERS instead of depth. Kinda an interesting train of thought. For a game ot be interesting, do you even need ever increasign power? Think Sam Fisher - he's no more durable or stronger at the en
  9. No offense but... I do not want to think of NWN. I do not want to think of ANY of those 3d rendered games and hope that they have nothing to do with PE... 3D rendering just sterilizes the environment, due to need to get everything modelled in 3D. BG2 and other Infinity games worked for me much better, the environment looked real, not some general close approximation. This image is just what I want... So... Pretty. Makes oldish guy remember the days spent playing the infinity games... Thank god I heard about this project... Just had to put some money to it. Then rethought about it, de
  10. No, some of us just love the feel of old BG2 & Co. It was not about flashy graphics back then, it was about story that dragged you with it. Oh, and incredibly beautiful backgrounds, something I have for SO long hoped to see remade. Seen a lot of cRPG lately... Tried just about most of them. And they just do not get the same feel as BG2 did... From music to background. Making it all dynamic just restricts the art too much. So I would be quite fine with little less touch for characters in main screen and gorgeous background. Nearly shed a tear when saw that screencap of Temple entra
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