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  1. Is the Order's site updated to any degree? Just wondering since it seems to lack a huge lot of members.
  2. No cap. It's stupid IMO that I stop leveling in the middle of the game because I've hit some artificial cap. Also, I support the "only objectives/quests give xp" system of xp distribution, which would make a level cap more or less pointless. You'll simply stop leveling when there's no more stuff to do.
  3. And now, it's officially funded. Congratulations Obsidian for a successful greenlight! Do good!
  4. Honestly, I doubted that we'd ever get beyond 3.5 mil dollars, including Paypal. To go over 4 mil with Paypal... Wow. It's kinda inspiring. No, scratch that, it's most definitely inspiring.
  5. 110 +20 for expansion and +8 for the Obsidian Order. I already have Wasteland 2 and I don't have enough interest for the physical goods to pay the shipping and the possible import costs so a special edition + expansion sounds about right for me. I'd suggest looking at your own capabilites and how much you're willing to skimp. It'll do no good to anyone if you pledge your last few dollars and find that now you can't afford food. I'm cutting partying and such for this, as an example.
  6. Another 8$ pledger here. Kinda funny and great how big this order has grown. May I have the title of "Infiltrator of the Obsidian Order"?
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