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  1. Thanks for looking into it. I will have to repurchase, since I requested a refund from Steam for the dlc. Their window on allowing refunds is so short that it's tough to wait very long for developer tech support sometimes with that clock ticking. In any event, glad to hear the issue is sorted.
  2. After two days of waiting with posts on this forum, on Steam's forums, and sending emails to Obsidian support, I still have absolutely zero access to any of the features that I paid for with the Upgrade to Obsidian dlc. No runes, no charms, no extra cards, no extra gold, no alternate character equipment sets, nothing. I finally got fed up and requested a refund from Steam. Very disappointed as I had no complaints about the base game (which I have played since Steam release) at all. First time I have ever asked for a refund from Steam after more than a decade on that platform and more than 400
  3. I have also purchased the Upgrade to Obsidian dlc and though Steam tells me it is installed, I can find no sign of it in game. No runes, charms, gold, etc. And when I go to create a new party all of the alternate equipment sets are still locked. PFID is #A13C41A5DDF6ABB8
  4. This was a compelling and interesting listen. Thank you for posting it and for your various efforts. Cheers.
  5. Paper Sorcerer is doing a pretty satisfactory job of scratching my 'Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord' itch. Considerably more depth to combat and party selection than I originally anticipated, though I don't know how much call there is for exploring that depth on anything but the two highest difficulty settings. I think the easier settings might prevent the sort of necessitated critical thinking required to get the most out of trying the various character combos. Best five bucks I've spent in a long time. Notwithstanding the Dogfish Head IPA I had last night.
  6. I've spent much of the past few days playing Always Sometimes Monsters. Bought it on a lark and was pretty much overwhelmed with how enjoyable it has been. Well...'enjoyable' is a bit of a misnomer, since the game can be fairly depressing and emotionally harrowing at times. But it is certainly engaging. A very fine example of a game managing to excel in spite of the severe limitations of its engine. Good writing and a very unconventional approach to conventional gaming.
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