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  1. I'm hoping it makes it onto the Making Of documentary somehow, or becomes an add-on in its own right later on down the line. Also: at least two distinct playthroughs, one of which should be sober. Congrats, everyone!
  2. Don't know about Bards, as I'm only a Writer (not so keen on the performance aspect of it) Still, WELCOME to the Order (and WELL MET to the other new members, too)!
  3. Huge WELCOME to all of the new members, and WELL MET to the rest! I know my bank account is going to be smarting for weeks to come but the thought of being a part of this Project (and having my name featured in the game and its credits - essentially, immortalising me) is giving me a warm glow and putting a silly grin on my face all the same.
  4. If anyone would be willing to make me a decent forum avatar and/or signature image relating to the OO (and containing my current signature's contents) it would be deeply appreciated... I'm afraid my Photoshop skills went flying out the window about 7 years ago when I last saw my PS discs. Huge WELCOME and WELL MET to the new members, by the way. And it's great news that Feargus has confirmed the Order will be featuring in the game in some manner, and "not as the Obsidian Order of Street Sweepers".
  5. Do we have to enlist the services of another member to get those shiny signature images / avatars, or must we make do with our own meagre skills? Only, it's been about 7 or 8 years since I last did any graphical experimentation (and about that amount of time since I last saw my Photoshop discs)...
  6. I've got the game on Xbox 360 and recently got it in a Steam sale (because I like to have multi-platform games on PC) but haven't finished it yet. Even so, I'd love another game either set in the AP universe, a "remake", or a spiritual successor - Obsidian are obscenely talented when it comes to writing engaging storylines for games which explains why I own every single one released so far, and why I'm backing Project Eternity.
  7. Thank you for the welcome, and for the title. Having said that, would it be possible to alter my title to read The Obsidian Order's Lurking Writer instead, please? Flows off the tongue more easily, methinks. Despite it potentially breaking my bank account, I've chosen to donate $313 in total ($250 tier, + $30 international shipping, + $25 for the Obsidian T-Shirt, and + $8 for the OOoE).
  8. I was hoping my name could be my title (kind of like the main character in Doctor Who always introducing himself as The Doctor). Basically, I'd be The Lurking Writer of the Obsidian Order... if that's okay? Already changed my name on KS to Jon C - TLW of the Obsidian Order (it only allows 40 characters, annoyingly).
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