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  1. Feels like arriving home, sure, somebody moved the furniture around and gave the walls a new paint job, but it's still home. So very pretty, nice dialog & side quests. Exploring the areas feels fun, reminds me of scouring all those maps in BG. The combat on hard was pretty brutal in the beginning but I think I'm getting the hang of it now with a monk character.
  2. Yeah, as long there's $8 or more only as extra contribution and not for getting a new tier / add-on.
  3. I went with the $140 tier with an expansion add-on. With shipping costs and and a little extra padding it comes out as $190.
  4. Pledge could end in pretty much anything, since it was $8 or more to get into the Obsidian Order. Like I threw in $10 extra.
  5. Upped my pledge from $180 to $190 for reaching $3,5M. I'll be lumiapina, Monkey of the Obisidian Order
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