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  1. I believe that there can be a balance between all romance outcome types. It would be interesting to have a romance with a different outcome, though it is not necessary, to focus too much on making every party member romancable. Once again, I point to the way PS:T did romances - that was a much better, and interesting way to approach the issue, and I believe that they should do it again in P:E. As a matter of fact I'm pretty certain that is the way they'll approach it since MCA does in fact like to go for that type of twist. You don't have to cater to every single person, especially if they start crying on the boards because they didn't get enough sexy time with a character. It is not important in the end to just bang the person you are having a relationship with - the important thing is what you share with each other. So by that I mean our reward for a successful romance should not be tastefully sexing our interest, but rather it should be expressed more through dialog and other actions on the part of the companion toward us. HOWEVER, we are forgetting, that this is not a game being made by Bioware, who in their past did make some good romances but since then have completely gone off the deep end, this is a game being made people in whom I still trust and I trust MCA will not disappoint. This being said, I wouldn't mind seeing romance options in the game, but they shouldn't focus too much on that. I want to see a quality story and well-developed characters, and if there's time to throw in some romance - then why shouldn't they. It is completely up to the player to decide if they'll pursue that option or not.
  2. Really, what we can all agree on is that it is important to have interesting character relationships. A romance might be a plus in some cases, but no over-the-top bioware style "gotta hit that space tang" thing. Of course you can always add a 4 million stretch goal for a brothel. I think that would see a nice spike in funding.
  3. Why is it so important to some people to look at pixels "tastefully" carressing other pixels? There's no such thing as a tastefull sex scene. They way bioware did it at first with ME1 was sort of fine, but when people complained they need more 3D cleavage they caved and catered to people who really should get out more instead of spending hours gazing at Liara's model in UT Viewer. I am all for well made romances, even if the outcome of it is that I don't "get" with said interest. It is an interesting outcome that not many game companys would go for since they always need to cater to the masses. If you want a different roleplaying experience accept the fact that like in real life (lol) a roleplaying game might provide you with an outcome that you do not necessarilly like, but is the direct result of your actions. That said, I can also live without romances in a game, its not really that essential. Even striking an interesting friendship with your companions is enough. I always like the way romance was handled in Planescape. It really isn't a thing, but its something that develops through the characters' interaction. I say stick to your guns MCA and whoever will have to write romances.
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