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  1. Interestingly when I saw the status last night I thought, hmm 3.5m goal is looking like a possible dream now. And I went and raised my pledge by 10 and its now 178. Now I know I wasn't the only one with the same idea I am still considering going for 250 tier though. /bankrupt
  2. I know, its so hard to resist I am trying to resist the urge to up my pledge to 250 :D edit: 370 members already! Welcome to all new members!
  3. Curious as well I'd seriously do this if I could afford that:) [i am trying to resist the urge to increase my pledge to 250 but I am afraid that is as much as I can go]
  4. Hello everyone Raelon the Explorer here I wish to join the Order Kickstarter name is puzzle agent (I love cloth maps and artbooks that come with CE's. But it seems printed version of collectors book is on 250$ tier and can't afford it now. Well at least I am getting the map :D)
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