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  1. I'm still hopeful and I know it can be tricky in what you reveal this early on as I'm sure they'll try a bunch of stuff before they find the specifics that really work. Still, I'd happily trade one snippet or an idea regarding any interesting story scenarios / characters or whatever for all the class babble.
  2. Hurr durr barbarians! Oh I'm so happy now. All stretch goals and talk has only been boring talks about ye standard worn out old d&d **** except some brief talk about souls, which would be interesting if it was explained some more and how it will effect the game. Now I didn't expect it to be as unique as torment but "teasing" us with "classic dungeon exploration" makes me want to cry. Let alone that every stretch goal seems uninspired as it seems content to just give more **** that doesn't mean anything. Now, I'm not saying the game will be **** or anything. It's impossible to tell. But the hinted at focus from all the information that has come out does not paint a pretty picture. All I really want is just a good RPG with a very good story / world. Not a "build a class and whack an ass" kind of game. In the end though, the game could still become good. Just because it has stereotypical rpg stuff doesn't mean it can't have an interesting world / content, right? I just wish they'd communicate that somehow instead of talking about more classes, playerhomes, hirelingvilles and boring grind dungeons. I'd just love a "all money will be used to make a better core game" or something. How do you guys feel about this?
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