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  1. Even if I'm not really enthusiastic about romances, I accept that people might expect something different. I found "romantic" content in the so-called modern cRPG like DA highly artificial, as if the writers had to write it because they had to do but not really wanting it, making it without skill and passion. If romances are in the game, I'd prefer that they are mature (but not in the sense of having poor written/designed sex scenes, which I would rather called laziness and lack of imagination, but mature and deep in the writing). And I don't care very much about straight/gay romances, as
  2. I have no idea where I could ask it ,if someone already asked it, and if any answer was given. What I really enjoyed in NWN2:SoZ was the Worldmap system, with avoidable random encounter, skillchecks, and free exploration. It gave the game a very interesting and refreshing atmosphere. Is a comparable system to be implemented in P:E, or do we have to wait about something more classical (I'm also totally fine with that, no mistake!)?
  3. If balancing is done correctly, and i hope it will be, "spamming" shouldn't be a problem if low level spells are correctly designed and balanced. And haste was just ridiculously powerful in IE games. And I wouldn't be spamming fireballs with friendly fire either.
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