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  1. I know the works of this man he makes amateur translations that are highly professional, it would be the best possible solution
  2. we are many Italian fans of Obsidian why Obsidian do not reply us? is it so hard?
  3. we Italian fans remember that phrase, but now we are depressed, now in my forum no longer speak of project destiny...
  4. thanks for the reply but I see that Italy is right down ....
  5. forget it, it looks like obsidian hate Italy and not read this 3ad I'm sorry
  6. I think I will remove the subscription and will stop follow obsidian and its games the absence of Italian and answers offended me
  7. Don't be obnoxious.... I've always been a fan of obsidian (black isle as I was) and I bought all of their games, but now I feel like a "lover betrayed", their indifference towards Italy offends me
  8. the silence of obsidian on the Italian translation is increasingly irritating
  9. even if there is an Italian translation we are quite angry with obsidian overlooking us if not corrected I will buy the game when it will cost little: at the beginning I wanted to make a donation very rich but the stubbornness of obsidian stopped me
  10. I and many other Italians waiting for the announcement of the Italian version to contribute hope that obsidian not make the mistake of not giving us the translation, lose big contributions
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