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  1. Agreed, which is why I would recommend going first to the option of having a grappled opponent use an existing animation. Are they not going to have animations for sleeping or prone creatures, or some other suitable disabled condition? Certainly I would expect them to. So, somewhere between spectrum ends of 'new grapple specific animation for those creatures that can be grappled' (takes lots of time and resources) to b) no unique animation applied to the creature, it just stops moving (far less time and resources) is, perhaps, the happy medium: use an animation for a condition that was goi
  2. I understand from one of the recent Kickstart updates that grappling in combat has been ruled outside of the scope of the P:E design and will not be implemented. The reasons identified are very valid and are similar to those identified previously in other (pseudo)turn based rpg games: the cost (time and money) of having separate animations for just one design feature (one for a creature in the grappled condition and one for its regular, ungrappled token), and conceptually handling grappling certain creature types (how did he grapple a ghost/mustard jelly/carrion crawler/etc). These are just tw
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