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  1. Do not know why i didn√łt think about looking at the map but yeah thanks!
  2. Hi Community I have not written much in these forum and due to real life not been able to follow them very much (apart from the Ks updates). I was wonderng if any information regarding the amount of towns in the game has been announced? I BG (as an example) there was 1 major cities and spanned several areas and then 3 smaller ones and i am curious about these smaller ones. Is there an official number out there on this? Or are we still guessing? I know they have shown pictures of at least one small hamlet plus the stronghold (which could work semi like a town. I really liked the town of beregost and nashkel so I was hoping for more of these in PoE
  3. The most beautiful creature of the forest (some say the naturally crown king) want to join the order P.S. Can I be The Stag of the Obsidian Order?
  4. I know the idea isn't new per say or is not ground breaking, I mainly used it as an example on how a system could look. The important thing is that the ideas presented here should work within the frame of a RTwP system and not TBwB since that is not the direction the game is going. What made them fun then? Was it variation? The system (Vancian)? OR was it the spells? Maybe it was the setup, the way meatshields where put infront before you could get to them. maybe a combo of these. Depending on the answer the Vancian spell system or TB is not a necessity.
  5. Since the accouncement the fire have been going on which type of system where where to be used on magic. So far I have only seen people saying what not to do (altough I am sure some people have made suggestions), and mentioned a lot of old RPG (BG1+2 etc) and how they liked the TBS since the game will work in RT I really got to thinking that a Vancian system would not work in the same way, it might though. My point is, isn't there anew way between the CD and Vancian system that would work in the world of P:E. Maybe even one that would make sense when looking at the lore (souls etc) I made this thread as a way for people to come up with ideas (hopefully new once) that would be cool, or mechanically interesting in the game. This is NOT a thread made for people to look back on BG, PST, or dragon age and tell why they liked or didn't like it. There a plenty of posts for that on the forum. Hope this did not come out to strong since I myself really really love the good old IE games!! Well back to topic. Since the games lore is based in souls i was thinking of a system where mages or priests for that matter gained power by using their soul. An example: I throw magic missle and for every use I charge up my souls potensial power, when charged up enough I can use it to throw a fireball. This could be made a latter system , so each tier gives access to new more powerfull spells. This could also be working a long a with a "mana" system so the wizard would not be able to spam MM to much and there by get the higher tier spells to quickly. I know this does not make mages any less a ranger with pretty arrows but that issue is completly different in my opinion. That is spell design and how spells and/or rituals work As Saywer mentioned in an other post 4E had a system where the combat spells worked withing the same system as the toher abilities whereas speak with dead and such spells worked outside of that system. In that way a wizard was never ill prepared he just had to prepare when needed. This could even work as a seperate "skill" system just like non combat skill not would interfere with combat skill when it came to resrouce or CD. So the mage would end up with 2 lists of spells on for comba and one for none combat. I look forwward to eha all the idea people can come up with for i KNOW there a creative people out there! Thye might even hire you ding it! P.S. danm i cannot wait for this game
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