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  1. Hey, Steve! If you don't mind me asking, what does it take to be a programmer in the gaming industry? Does it depend on what I as a programmer want to focus on in game development? Or should I know a sprinkling of everything? I've been interested in game development, because I want to see AI improve. But I'm going for a BS in Computer Science. Got any suggestions for me? -David
  2. Update 12 was a pleasant surprise. I just wish I would have watched the video instead of reading the text. I would definitely enjoy seeing more of these Q&A updates as they reveal more about the game and I get to see the developers(if there are going to be more videos that is). I also wanted to mention that of all of Obsidian's games I've only played KOTOR: II and Fallout: New Vegas both of which I enjoyed immensely, seeing as I already enjoyed previous to them KOTOR: I and Fallout 3. However, I've never played an isometric cRPG. I tried playing Baldurs Gate but it was to much to manage. I
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