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  1. Hey, Steve! If you don't mind me asking, what does it take to be a programmer in the gaming industry? Does it depend on what I as a programmer want to focus on in game development? Or should I know a sprinkling of everything? I've been interested in game development, because I want to see AI improve. But I'm going for a BS in Computer Science. Got any suggestions for me? -David
  2. Update 12 was a pleasant surprise. I just wish I would have watched the video instead of reading the text. I would definitely enjoy seeing more of these Q&A updates as they reveal more about the game and I get to see the developers(if there are going to be more videos that is). I also wanted to mention that of all of Obsidian's games I've only played KOTOR: II and Fallout: New Vegas both of which I enjoyed immensely, seeing as I already enjoyed previous to them KOTOR: I and Fallout 3. However, I've never played an isometric cRPG. I tried playing Baldurs Gate but it was to much to manage. I hope that there will be a companion Gambit System so that I don't have to micro manage my allies during every fight. But when I do want to micro manage during a pause or on the fly, switching between companions and selecting actions and targets for them should be easy. And by easy I mean the amount of time it takes to select an action and a target, and how many prompts or layers I have to go through to make that selection happen. Personally, I hope that the target and action selection will liken to that of KOTOR or Dragon Age which are both fairly easy to use(or something better ). I also know you guys are good at stories and I'm glad that the narrative and the companion interactions are going to be at the forefront of the game's development. I enjoy reading books of the fantasy genre such as The Sword of Truth Series, Wheel of Time Series, Raven King Trilogy, The First Law Trilogy, The Merlin Trilogy, Drizz't Do Urden, and others. So whatever Project: Eternity's story/adventure is going to be about, I'm sure it will good. Keep up the good work!!!! -David
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