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  1. OR, if you have a time mage you can just warp back in time and go to the event after you learned of it! =D I know everyone is screaming that's cheating but heck isn't that what magic is all about?
  2. There are no heros among us! What happens now?!! I like you position Osvir, having a player who has Agency as Jwestfall points out is probably key to really enjoying a good story or game. One character that comes to mind that would have been fun to play in the way you suggested is HK-47 in Knights of the old republic II. You have a very evil creature, who depending on the main characters choices, a very good alignment path. He's along for the ride and he doesn't mind chopping up a few meat bags along the way. I think ultimately if there is a way you could have the best of both world
  3. Keyrock, I'm a fan of stuff happening with or without us. It's part of why some games have so much replay value. One thing we need to know is how will time be treated in the game. If time moves forward by us progressing in storyline events this may be easier to do. If time is moving forward in a more natural way I would imagine there would be a huge headache to orchistrate more than a couple of these time release moments.
  4. This brings up a really awesome question. Can linear gameplay be fun? In any story there will be plot points that play out a certain way. So for the gameplay element here we are looking at a bigger mechanic where there can be some really polar opposite feelings. Basicly Story Vs. Sandbox. I think this is one of the reasons why I love the whole RPG game world. There are so many different ways to approach it.
  5. Ghost, I have to agree with you that the interactions would have to be different. I think that is what the previous posts are suggesting when they say it would be difficult. The main plotline decision making would have to be done by the hero where your voice would be in either aiding in process of settling the nuances or possibly working against the hero. For instance, the hero is of a good alignment they will choose to save the world. As a companion you wouldn't be able to change that outcome, you may be abile to say- oh look there's a band of necromancers- lets fight them or Man Necro..
  6. I'm really more curious if it would be fun vs. hard to pull off but you are probably right Tempest, I totally think the hero should be able to kill you or disband you from the group or turn you into a packhorse or make you join the circus....
  7. Heros! Ha! I'd rather be a companion. Almost all games put you at the front of the action as the hero, chosen one, saver or destroyer of the world. I can’t think of one game where I was the support character helping support the main character with my actions or decisions or where I was allowed to work against them. As Obsidian writes this game there will be main branches of storyline. From those main branches as heroes we will be able to deviate and have our own unique experience. My thought, and I’ve never made a game in my life, is while developing this story they could create conduit cha
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