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  1. linear tiers and direct superiority relationships are boring. i would like to see armor that is more of a collection of properties than a single value number. these properties could encompass protection vs different damage types (piercing, slashing, fire, etc), disadvantages due to encumbrance, how intimidating it looks, whether it will keep you warm in the snow, etc. distinguishing between different damage types increases the feeling of realism and makes the combat more strategic. for example, maybe you should send the guy with the plate armor against that pack of enemies holding swords while
  2. Microing party member positioning... yes!!! Modding or at least custom campaign creation would be really great. New mods coming out would significantly extend the life of the game. Look at what it did for NWN. Do a stretch goal for it--I for one would increase my donation. @Andtalah: Excellent points!
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