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  1. Mages rocked in BG1. Insant-win buttons on every spell level. 1: Sleep, grease. 2: Horror, web. 3: Haste, fireball. 4: More complicated spell level, but combining greater malison with horror for instance was BRUTAL, also, imp invis was quite brutal in the right circumstances. 5: Actually, the one spell level where I was quite dis-satisfied in BG1, none of the spells where very interesting there. In regards to the topic, I haven't tried druids, but my two wizards are definitely deciding factors in both normal combats (aoe is extremely effective towards weaker enemies) and in boss battles (slick is basically instant win button, just lacks a long duration). It might be that druids are too good atm? Maybe I'll test them at some point.
  2. An NPC should be way less efficient than a powergaming one. You are supposed to be able to create a realistic character and not be dead-weight to the rest of the team. Powergaming-wise, it seems like it would be more efficient to build your own party, just like it's been in BG1+2. It's not an action RPG, it's a fully fledged RPG. Basically, easy being the recommended for first play-through means that you should choose 5 characters you want to try out their story in the first run. The second run you might bring along a favorite or two from the first and maybe the three others from the first. The third is supposed to be power-gamer, in which you probably hire adventurers from the start to optimize. So, for easy they are fine since the game is fully playable in it. For normal, it seems a bit rough, but definitely works. For hard and above it might be too rough with them. Seems well designed to me. Also, I still remember destroying BG2 by playing multiplayer the first time around. My characters where way over-powered for it to be as enjoyable.
  3. The game allows you to play /encounter if you wish it, about half the classes are based around that concept. The other half gives a different dimension, not better, not worse, just different. This opens up full possibilities to play this more like a modern RPG or like an old-school. I fail to see the issue with allowing to play it old-school, this is not like in IE-games where you had to have a healer, a caster and a thief in every constellation (at least every reasonable one, I know it's fully possible to solo in those games and I have and enjoyed it). Here, pretty much any combination of the six classes seems viable. Forcing the classes closer together just makes it easier to grasp, not more flexible and not more balanced. Just hogged down. In short, leave my vancian casters alone! Resource management is a BIG point of what I love about RPGs.
  4. In the main menu, the cursor is not working at all for me when streaming from a windows machine to a linux machine. Once in-game, it does work. Both linux machines are ubuntu-based and the windows is running 8.1. Not a big issue of course, just mentioning it
  5. Will there be exceptionally powerful enemies outside of heart of fury mode? One of the things I really liked about Baldur's Gate was beating Drizzt, especially as early as possible. In BG II, the hidden bosses and dragons where some of the finer points of the game, I remember trying to take out Firkraag for an hour and finally giving up. Actually returning later in the game and beating him really gave you a sense of accomplishment. I also really liked the telthor badger in Mask of the Betrayer, pretty much the only battle in the game which actually challenged you somewhat. Will being evil be made an attractive choice? I ask because in most of your games (barring PsT and MotB) being non-heroic has been kinda tacked-on. Will there be clashes between characters? For me, the actual conflicts arising between characters in BGII was what made them feel real. For instance, Mazzy threatening (and attacking) Edwin if he damages her with AoE spells. Will spells be diverse or specced? I really liked having loads of different spells with many different functions. Having Aoe cone, aoe burst and solo target as your three damage types (like in Dragon Age) is really boring and definitely rules out the whole "Cool new spell!" effect. Will the game be made to be broken? Meaning, will true power gaming be possible? I love games where you struggle the first time but later on you can handle things which would seem impossible before. For instance, I've soloed BGII tactics. Loads of questions, I'm vageuly hopeful for answers
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