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  1. Anyone in Europe got some kind of tracking email/notification? If it was just shipped with no email/phone number, I'm pretty much screwed and not getting it. I'm at work during day, ugh.
  2. My order was split into two parts (I did pay for them separately) The one with additional stuff (soundtrack, cards...) was sent by royal mail and is not traceable. The signed CE was sent through PostNL and i did get tracking number for it...
  3. My CE is stuck in Germany for the weekend, was hoping to get it on Friday Probably a stupid question, but did you buy a regular box or CE? Because the regular boxes will not ship until discs are manufactured. Also the orders tab on your account page doesn't work at all, so waiting for email is only choice.
  4. Heya, I'd like my title to be "Black Turtle of the Obsidian Order" Thanks.
  5. Thank you for all the hard work, it really is appreciated. I really don't want to bother you, but because I have no idea how big the volume of tickets you are dealing with is and the deadline is creeping closer... I submitted ticket on August 8, are tickets by that date still being answered or did it get lost somehow? Thanks again
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