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  1. It's neat because with the way humanity is, whether you believe we were created or evolved or just happened, we can do what we want. We can believe what we want, live where we desire, and think how we want. Sadly, a lot of people get that wrong and just assume that their way and opinion is the only truth. Sad....
  2. "Where's Chris today?" "He's dead. His beard reached a length where it gained sentience and choked him to death." My God, the beards have taken over production and ruined everything! It's just a bit of fun people, don't be hating. And yes, it's a silly incentive, but I for one would definitely pay to see that.
  3. You can't. You have to pledge an extra $8 (The Obsidian Order supports this game , you choose a title and then I will add you to the list. You will then receive your title on the next update - we update once a day, so tommorow. Oh, so updates once a day. Thanks for the clarification. Just to state again, I would like to be Foreigner of the Obsidian Order, if it's still available. And yes, I did add the $8 to my pledge.
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