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  1. Pledged a 1000$ here + 30 in case of shipping costs. If not, i'll have me an Obsidian shirt and a deck of cards! Long Live Eternity!
  2. 17. Too many to list. The classics, and the not-so-much.
  3. As has already been mentioned here, Letho from The Witcher 2 was a great antagonist. CDprojekt RED did a great job with him. Major spoilers for the Witcher 2 ahead: Really, major spoilers for The Witcher 2 ahead. Don't look if you haven't completed the game (in which case, why are you still here?) In the end, when Geralt and Letho talk together, they take their time. They both know the other might want to kill him, and yet the conversation is so real and heartfelt. Intense. I especially like that Letho offers you a drink, and depending on whether you accept or not, both of you could be
  4. These are just some thoughts I had, and are in no way good ideas. I just like writing what I think and see what other people think. One thing that I think would be interesting (albeit perhaps a bit expensive), is if you had different antagonists depending on the choices you make. I realize this isn't new at all, but I feel it's a bit more realistic. If someone plays as an unrelenting murderer of men and otherwise, while someone else plays a diplomat and "nice guy/gal", why should they be forced to fight against the same antagonist(s)? Hopefully though, the game will be much more complex than
  5. Born in Australia, but going by "blood", I am either Scottish or Norwegian. And seeing as both are European countries it really does not matter! Just to clarify, I have been living in Norway since the age of two, so most of my childhood (and currently adolescence).
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