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  1. Hi everyone. Well I already warn my English is execrable. For me the fact that there is no romance in PoE is a major loss for the roleplay. No this is not something secondary, why deprive us of this aspect of the roleplay? Some people do not like it? Although they did what did not initiate dialogues triggers ... I do not want a ass scene like to Mass Effect, The Witcher or Dragon Age. Just like the relationship we had in Baldur's Gate 2, Planescape Torment or even Kotor would be perfect.
  2. " Would you like multiple language support as a stretch goal, since it's been confirmed there are enough funds to "make the game"? " Yes! Please, yes! I am French and my English is bad enough ... Project Eternity is very tempting but the fact that he just expected me in English prevents investing. (Sorry for my bad English.)
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