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  1. I also received my swag bag yesterday. Basically the same as Blazing Hero's except I got Dungeon Siege III signed. Here's a pic of it Edit: Click for full-size image
  2. I would guess Farudan will see your message and send off your request. You could always send off a PM as well.
  3. 27 new shields have been added to the members section of http://www.obsidianorderofeternity.net I hope everybody who sent me a PM is happy with his/her shield, I tried to stick closely to your proposals if it was possible. If your are not satisfied with you shield, please contact me again and we will think about another design, no problem. I want everybody to be happy with his/her OOoE shield! And I hope more members will still send me their shield propsoals since we certainly need more shields to represent the order properly. We should have at least 100 shields I think and we have only about half of that now...... LC, did you happen to find my request? I pm'd you on here, not sure if you wanted that sent on there or here...
  4. Oooh... I like these kinds of threads. Glad to see I'm not the only one with an older PC to post about... may be 3 1/2 years old but it still screams CPU: Intel Core i7 920 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME RAM: 12 GB OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600 (6x2GB) PSU: Corsair CMPSU-750TX GPU: MSI N295GTX-M2D1792 GeForce GTX 295 HD1: OCZ Vertex4 256GB SSD RAID: 4x WD Green 2TB HDD Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech MX5500 and MX Revolution Bluetooth Monitor1: ASUS VH226 22" LCD Monitor2: Sony XBR9 46" TV (Yes I love having my TV as a monitor ) It may not be the newest out of the box, but it really gets the job done
  5. Well yes, I seem to remember it explained to me once that Kerfluffleupogus was Big Bird's imaginary marshmallow monster friend on Sesame Street.
  6. That's not really consistent, because "bogus" is a word on its own whereas "pogus" in "Kerfluffleupogus" is a part of the suffix "-upogus" (as you yourself dissected it: ker- + fluffle + -upogus), hence "o" in "bogus" is accentuated while "o" un "-upogus" isn't. In English, most non-accentuated vowels reduce to schwa (ə). There are a lot of examples in English where a similar or even the exact same set of syllables changes pronunciation (usually vowels getting reduced to schwa) based on whether it's a word on its own or a part of another word. The most obvious example, compare pronunciation of "cycle" with "bicycle" and the pronunciation of "finite" with "infinite". How bout you just say it in a way that everyone can understand Ker - fluff - ul - UP - a - gus Edit: Why are we arguing pronunciation semantics in regards to an imaginary marshmallow monster? lol
  7. I'm from Minnnesota and I'm pretty sure I've never said that It was one of the trademark calls of my old gaming group, and also from KODT
  8. Hooray! We have filled yet another thread past its capacity and are forced upon a 6th iteration of our antics and shenanigans!! As we say in dungeons and keeps in these parts, "HOOTY HOOO!!!"
  9. Good morning fellow Order members, and a hearty welcome to all of the newcomers to our ranks!
  10. I know that effect, it is called: insufficient synchronised timezone For me, its probably the shower
  11. Shouldn't that be Yes, we can Only if you're Bob the Builder Is there no Bob the Builder of the Obsidian Order? Not that I am aware of... maybe one of our next new recruits will take that "honor" lol
  12. When you say combined, do you mean that the books were back-to-back in one bound copy? Or, were the chapters actually placed in relative chronological order from both four and five? I know that book four runs concurrently with book five, and it was split by POV due to length. But, I would really like to have read it in massive tome format, getting to see more of my favorites like Jon and Dany. I use a Nook (e-reader) so the size wouldn't bother me. I've been wanting to try a book 4/5 combo read. I've seen several strategies on how to accomplish this (chapter order) but have yet to try it for myself. Have heard mixed reviews from those who have tried it on whether it makes the read more enjoyable. To me reading book 4 alone took the fun out of it, there are so many characters that I started missing and waiting on book five took so long to be released, that it took me a year to take up the series again. If not a colleague started reading my books after they aired the first season, I am not sure I'd started again by now. While it was odd to not have certain characters in each of books 4 and 5, I didn't mind that much, as the stories of each of the characters included were very engaging. If I had to read about twice the amount of characters I might have gotten lost somewhere
  13. How many times have you read them? I'm pretty hooked too. Read the first three almost a decade ago and then had to wait it out for books four and five. I don't typically do internet forums/commenting type stuff, my two exceptions are an ice and fire fan site, and then more recently, this (sucked in via kickstarter). Honestly, I have only read through each one once. But the story was able to stick with me pretty well so even though there were years between books 3-5, I was able to keep the story going in my head lol
  14. That might be true, but if you put me in a cup of hot dark chocolate, I'll soak up the chocolate, bloat, and become a gigantic hot, dark Gensou-devouring chocolate cube You know in that state, I'm like Minsc in Berserker Mode, I cannot tell foe for friend But am I really here, or just an illusion? Besides, like all who are curious about this, we would only use a small piece of you to test with. What's that over there? *Snip*
  15. I have however read somewhere that your marshmallow-wereness, as it were, does not spread to a "victim" if they are consuming you in a cup of hot dark chocolate...
  16. So what happens if a were-thing or vampire were to bite you, would we have 2 new hybrid were creatures or something? lol
  17. Was it by chance from an old obscure tv show in the 70's about a boy raised by wolves? lol*Thinks sometimes I should stop being such a bastion of useless knowledge*
  18. You should just break down and read the books :D While I agree the series is well done and interesting, it is still missing some things that the book series has. I actually started reading the books before I watched the show. They were recommended to me by a friend. I'm almost done with book four now. It's a lot slower of a read than book 3, which was a complete whirlwind of activity in the last few hundred pages. Just wait til you get to book 5 I have been reading the Song of Ice and Fire since Game of Thrones was released back in the mid 90's and had a friend who worked at a bookstore give me a first edition hardcover copy of the book. Ever since then, I have been in perpetual waiting for the next book to come out. Waiting for A Dance with Dragons was almost too much to bear lol
  19. You should just break down and read the books :D While I agree the series is well done and interesting, it is still missing some things that the book series has.
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