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  1. I really wanted to pick a character's face that looked like mine. What better way then to just have them draw my happy ass? So, I threw 30 Ben Franks at this super epic project.
  2. Just a little hicup in my pledge, but has been sorted out, and now my monies is in Obsidian's bank account. Huzzah! Now the dreaded wait.....
  3. Kinda like the truckers of 7up spots from a few years back? I'm down >_> <_<. If anything, great gag item.
  4. While I didn't mind "level as you use", I too agree wouldn't fit too well here. Someone mentioned something akin to getting ZP upon completing a quest or task, and I would have no issues with that as the way I see it, that final EXP tally is a "collimation" of everything you did to complete that quest, as such you are overall a better adventurer because of it. So it makes a bit of sense to divy out points to what you wish to learn. I'm sure their could be some kind of multi-levei....leveling....scheme, that has a combo of both quest exp, and skill-based useage as well.
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